My Texas Adventure

My other half is currently working away in Houston, Texas! Texas! I know right, he’s almost half way around the world from me! On the whole it sucks, I think we’ve spent less then 4 weeks together since February which is actually pretty ridiclulous!
One redeeming thing I can take from this whole situation is that not only does it give me a golden ticket to all of those American goodies unavailable in the UK, or if they are, you get hit with high shipping and customs!
That and I get to visit sometimes which gives me an opportunity to explore a new part of the world, and recently that is exactly what I did.

One of the first places we visited was Dallas, we drove up early doors and headed back late at night. Nice road trip you might think! Think again, we used a borrowed Dodge Ram truck, it had so many miles on it could have been to the moon twice, and naturally things weren’t all well. Our air con gave up about two hours in! The temperature was high 30s with insane humidity!! It was unbearable. I wanted to bathe in an ice bath!

Anyway, in Dallas we called by the Gas Monkey Garage which is the garage used for the TV show Fast & Loud, if you’re lost, its a show on Discovery, about cars. As luck would have it we arrived at exactly the right time to meet Richard Rawlings who is the main man on the show as he came outside with the camera crew.
We also ate in the Gas Monkey bar and grill which is near by, we tucked into burgers and beers! When in Texas…

We decided as we were in Houston we ought to be proper tourists and visit NASA, Space centre Houston.
It was worth a look, we can say we’ve been. We were more excited to be able to climb aboard a retired Boeing Jumbo 747, the plane which carried the now retired shuttle for a final send off.
We decided to head off mid afternoon and we went to a beautiful little seaside resort called Galveston, where we ate in Bubba Gump Shrip & Co restaurant. It’s making me so hungry thinking of their food!! Sooooo GOOD!!!

The final main thing we did was visit San Antonio and we stayed overnight. We headed down to the Riverwalk and hopped on a crowded tour boat for a look around before getting off and, yep, you guessed it! Went for more food! I swear that isn’t all we did, honestly! We tried to find somewhere to grab a couple of icey cold beers to save us from melting in the humidity, but me being the klutz that I am, I forgot my ID and was refused entry into basically any bar! But, we found a little Irish pub, Waxy O’Connors where I snuck in and hid in the corner and finally got my Dos Equis (Mexican beer, honestly its the best, if you can you need to try it). We also checked out The Alamo, it seemed like the touristy thing to do!

Other then those main things we did the usual, ate, and ate some more! Hit the malls and the outlets, got caught in heavy downpours!

Anyhoo, I think you’ve endured enough of my ramblings so here are some photos from the trip.



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