My Best Of Beauty 2016

If like me you are a lover of all things beauty, then you don’t need me to remind you of all of the amazing make up launches 2016 gave us. I’ve managed to acquire quite a collection of new products over the course of the year. I knew when I decided to do this post a tough task lay ahead. Jeez, was that an understatement! Being one of the most indecisive people ever I really struggled to narrow all of the products down to a suitable amount to talk about. I settled on ten. For a whole year ten is pretty decent I feel. Some items were a no brainer for me, some not so much, but after a lot of deliberating I am finally able to give you my best of beauty 2016!

Guerlain LOr Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold

This is not the first time I have mentioned this product, it also made an appearance in my “Holy Grail Makeup” blog which I will link >> here << if you would like to take a look. This primer is infused with gold flakes which are known for their radiant, glowy properties. I’m not sure how Guerlain do it, but this primer seems to give a firmer more taught appearance, its like a mini face lift per pump! Choosing this was a no brainer for me. Of course this had to be in my top picks.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder Translucent

Another no brainer, and for good reason! If you are familiar with this then you will know exactly why. This was also mentioned in my Holy Grail makeup post. I do feel that I was late to the party on this one, but better late than never, right?! I got this at the beginning of 2016 and it wasn’t long before I had to ask myself how I ever managed without it. It really is that good. It is the finest milled powder I have used, it settles so beautifully into the skin and it gives your face a flawless appearance, now who doesn’t want that?! It’s like cashmere for the face!

Tarte Cosmetics Tartelette in Bloom

This one took some deliberation, but it has been my most reached for palette of 2016 and I absolutely love it. If I am packing for a trip and had to take one palette, this is it. I love the quality and texture of the shadows and the pigmentation is amazing. For me it is my perfect go to palette with the right mix of colours for multiple looks.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I honestly cannot speak highly enough of this mascara. I have tried so many mascara’s in my makeup life and this hands down beats an awful lot of them, and most of them are higher end. It’s such a great product with a very reasonable price point. The volume is buildable, and it doesn’t clump. The brush separates the lashes for an even coat. It’s a great drug store mascara and I felt if I didn’t add into this post I would be doing it a great disservice.

Kat Von D Ink Liner – Trooper

I have never, EVER tried a better liner then this for colour, coverage, and application. It glides on so effortlessly and it stays put until you take it off, the pigmentation is so on point, it is blacker than black! Everyday is a good liner day with this little beauty.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Anastasia Beverly Hills have got brows down to a T. Being a huge fan of their Brow Wiz I decided to opt for their Dipbrow Pomade next and it most definitely did not disappoint. It’s an intensely pigmented, creamy formula which gives amazing colour pay off, and an effortless application, it blends like a dream. When it comes to brows Anastasia can do no wrong.

Lancome Juicy Shaker – Vanilla Pop

I love this, infact I loved it so much I got about 8 shades! This is an oil based lip product made up with sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oils making it highly nourishing and conditioning on the lips. The formula isn’t sticky or tacky, if I’m honest it barely even feels like you have anything on your lips. I love how it feels, and I love the wash of colour it adds too. Plus its a bit more fun to apply them a regular lippie!

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick – Child Star

Despite this being a matte lipstick, the formula is actually rich and creamy, this allows it to glide on the lips and give a high coverage in one swipe. It is soooooo long wearing, and not drying in the least. I do love the overall appearance of a matte lip, but being plagued by dry lips as it is I struggle to wear them for the level of discomfort I feel. This lipstick I can wear without a pick of bother, I’d even go as far as to say I actually forget it is a matte liquid lipstick if I’m honest. Child Star is my favourite shade, for me it is the perfect nude shade. I can’t wait to expand my collection with more colours.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Glow Kit

This palette is so unique in its shade selection, and the fact it is full of light shades makes it the paler girls best friend! I love that I can use this against my fair skin and it shows up so well. I love the variation of colours included, it looks equally stunning when used on the eyes. You can’t beat a multitasking product.

Morphe Brushes Beauty Sponge

This little baby is only $6.00 or so, it’s amazing value. Having always used the higher priced Beautyblender I can honestly not find any difference in the overall application between the two beauty sponges. It was one of my top finds of 2016, I’m a sucker for a bargain and I can buy roughly four Morphe sponges to one Beautyblender. If you get a chance you definitely should give this baby a try. You won’t regret it.

Don’t forget to let me know if you have tried any of my star picks and how you love them, or if you have any suggestions of your own favourite items from the past year.

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  1. Beautiful products! I can vouch for the Maybelline mascara and tarte palette! They’re amazing. And I always hear about The Laura Mercier Powder! I really want to try it!

  2. This is lovely & helpful. I’ve been needing some tips on what makeup products are good! I’ll save this post❤️❤️❤️

  3. Ooh I’ve heard a lot about the Kat Von D liner, glad you loved it as much as everyone else – definitely sounds like it’s pretty awesome.

    Your Morphe sponge sounds like such a bargain – would you suggest it for beginners? I currently use a brush but would like to try a sponge.

  4. I have recently bought the Laura Mercier powder and I’m really excited to try it after reading so many great reviews! I’m intrigued to find out more about the Guerlain L’Or Radiance Concentrate, I’m thinking that will be my next beauty purchase. Love reading your blog lovely!

  5. I would really really love toinvest in most of the products you mentioned here! This post is so helpful! Been looking at the laura powder, kat von d liner, too face matte lipstick and the mascara😍😍❤️❤️❤️ Xxxx

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