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Primark are giving me so much life right now! They are killing it with all of their new arrivals, and quite frankly they are killing my bank balance in the process! But, as Carry Bradshaw famously said, “I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet”, or in my case in my wardrobe, on the bed, around the house and hanging from my keys! They are forever uploading beautiful photos on their Instagram account of their new arrivals and I can feel the money draining from my account before I even set foot in their store! I’ve picked up a whole bunch of stuff recently, now I don’t know about you, but I love a good haul post and Primark makes for a good one down to the sheer amount of stuff you seem to acquire as you wander throughout their shop. It doesn’t help my case that I am a sucker for anything Harry Potter, Disney and band/slogan tees, they always have a huge selection to choose from, naturally I need them all otherwise I feel cheated!

I grabbed myself some absolute steal’s, and I mean steal’s! After having a little raid of a sale rack I surfaced with a cute black NASA Sweatshirt for just £5.00! I love it, perfect combo for my MOM jeans and converse, I also got my hands on a grey Friends tee and a Jurassic Park tee, both just £1.00, yes that’s right, £1.00 each!! I mean how could you not?! I absolutely love cute little slogan tees. Elsewhere I hunted down a retro ACDC band tee, a grey Def Leppard tee with cute black lace detailing around the bottom, a blush oversized Off Duty tee, a pale pink grey rose tee and of course the obligatory Harry Potter tee, that’s a lot of tee’s in one sentence! In the same section I spied a Harry Potter bag, three pack of socks and some keychains, you know they were straight in the basket without a pause for thought. Yes please! Thank you. MINE! Finally, as I made my way through the footwear section, completely intending on just passing through I noticed the cutest furry pink sandals! I loved them! Perfect for the arrival of Spring, and here’s hoping a nice Summer too!!

I first spotted the Friends and Troll pyjamas when Primary shared a photo on their Instagram account. I mean you know what I’m going to say right? Of course I needed to make them mine so I proceeded to stalk my local stores until they arrived! The cute NASA PJ’s caught my eye while I was browsing, and in the basket they went. I actually think I might own more pairs of pyjamas than clothes! No joke. What I want to know is why it isn’t socially acceptable to wear pyjamas out yet?!

You really don’t need me to sit and tell you how cute and fun Primark’s homeware department is! They always have really cute little bits in and the price point is unbelievable! I wasted no time in filling up my basket with a soft baby pink throw for the bed, a little rose gold potted succulent and also a white potted succulent, both artificial of course because I dare say I would kill a real one! Play it safe! I picked up a cute little gold Buddha tea light holder and last but not least for the stationery whore in me, a grey and rose gold heart notebook and a marble effect one.


Have you picked anything fun up recently while out shopping in Primark, or anywhere for that matter? Let me know in the comment section.

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  1. Wow your Primark must stock the best stuff! We have none of this 🙁 I adore the NASA pjs and all the homewear. Plus only £5 for the top?! So jealous, although I have picked up lovely grey loungewear recently that looks so minimalist and Instagram friendly so I guess I have done well in there recently <3 xx

  2. Sounds like not only did you have an amazing trip! But picked up some amazing bargains!! This is what I love about Primark, I’ve recently stopped buying so much from them because their sizes are horrible, doesn’t mean I don’t go in there though! I love their homeware & stationery section, I wished ours had a bigger section though…


  3. Looks like you picked up some great things! Love the Harry Potter range and homeware at Primark! It’s so perfect for bloggers!

  4. I find primark an odd shop because I either love everything in there or hate everything in there! But going by this post I think I need to make a trip soon before they re-do their Harry Potter section again..

    Eloise xx

  5. Hah, I’ve used that quote so many times too 😀 Great haul and I can understand the bank balance worries after a big shop. Love the Primark home stuff, great for blogger photo props that don’t break the bank.

    Maya |

  6. You have just made me want to go to primark now but I’ll have to wait until pay day next month 😣😣 you have literally bought everything that I would buy!! Great taste 😀


  7. Loved this – i’m really rating primark atm they’ve got some lovely bits coming in.
    My favourite of your has to be the friends top, think i might have a gander in my local for it. The PJs are also just the best- I’m so ready to start buying for spring/summer.

  8. Lovely haul! Lovely photos ❀

    Do you wanna follow each other via GFC or Bloglovin? Lemme know ♥

  9. i love pretty much EVERYTHING that you have picked up, i’m so glad it’s payday this week because i’m in dire need of a mini spree and i always end up in Primark! I’m in need of some new bits and pieces to wear for work and love the tee’s you’ve picked up.

    Kayla |

  10. I absolutely love primark for their Harry Potter goodies – unfortunately they didn’t have much when I last went so I left feeling so disappointed. Hopefully they’ll have some next time!

  11. I’m honestly in love with all of your picks. Sadly my local Primark has none of these items. I was there this morning and there were almost no nice shirts D:

    x Envy

  12. Your haul is amazing. You literally chose everything I would choose/want/get! I actually went to primark for the first time about two weeks ago, and it was a serious game changer! I can’t wait to go back and get some of the goodies you got too! Thanks for showing me what you got xxx

    Melina |

  13. I saw the Nasa & Friends PJ’s too! I need to keep my eyes out for the Troll ones – soooo cute! I think I want to hang on a see if there are any My Little Pony ones about! I picked up some Marauder’s Map PJ’s from my Primark (it’s a vest and bottom set!). They had other HP PJ’s but they were a more classic type of PJ and I really didn’t want that! Those socks are AWESOME so that’s another Primark trip that I need to do!

    I LOVE their home stuff and saw those little succulents – I have far too many succulents at home I just need to get pots for them.

    This post has spent far too much of my money (in my head!). Looking forward to your next haul 🙂 xx

  14. I love the FRIENDS pj set and the off duty shirt as well as all the home decor. I recently picked up the marble shower curtain from Primark and I was so happy with it!

  15. Oh my god.. the friends pyjamas are honestly too much.. I need them! I would love to keep in touch, it is always lovely to make new blogger friends! x

  16. I literally just did a primark haul on my YouTube channel, it’s the best I love shopping in there. You got some of the cutest bits xxx

  17. Primark have some great stuff at the moment! I got a really cute baby blue t shirt dress that makes me look like a powerpuff girl & some adorable shorts pjs recently for cheap! It’s usually really hit and miss for me but I’m loving their recent stuff!

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