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Welcome to another monthly favourites post! I feel like its always time to think about whats stood out for me and type my favourites posts ready to close another month. Its not just me feeling like time is just vanishing before my eyes is it? May is one of my favourite months partly because its my birthday and that means CAKE! Who doesn’t love cake! I’ve also had a couple of really good weekends this month too, one spent dressed up as Pebbles Flintstone for a themed party, and the following was a track day at Knockhill, this won’t be everyones cup of tea but I’ve got to hold my hands up to being a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I was lucky enough to get took out on the track in a Ferrari which was pretty cool!

With it being my birthday and getting so many lovely things I’ve been spoiled for choice as to what to chose to make the final cut. I’ve got my final selection to share with you and I hope you enjoy this post.

Valentino Donna Perfume

I have wanted this perfume since the first time I tried it in store and fell in love instantly. I’m not really sure why but perfume is never really something I would ever buy myself? Is this the same for anyone else? Its always such a safe and good gift idea, I nearly always get perfume gifted for both my birthday and Christmas so this might be partly why too. My Mum gifted me this and I was so excited to see what was under the wrapping paper! I love everything about it down to the packaging, that bottle is just pure sass! I love it! It also came complete with body lotion too so I can smell extra good from it!

Dyson Hairdryer

Of course I was dying to try this when I first saw them, and then the great reviews followed to back it up. I couldn’t believe it when I unwrapped this! I was so beyond excited to be able to try it. I have used it once since I got it and I really enjoyed it. Its such an odd sound it makes and its so lightweight too. I didn’t have to touch my straighteners after using this because it dried my hair so lovely and straight. I am going to publish a full and detailed review on it once I spend more time using it and fully getting a good overall opinion on it, but so far I am really impressed and happy with the results.

Nars Narsissist Loaded Eye Palette

You’ve heard of the phrase love at first sight. This was entirely the case when I first saw this palette. The colours are exactly the shades I love, the mix of mattes and shimmer shades is ideal, its the perfect size to take away with you and have everything in one palette and you can create so many different looks. I definitely think this will quickly become a staple go to palette for me. Nars formulas are always so rich and creamy with amazing pigmentation and colour pay off. The perfect palette for beautiful warm toned eyes going into Summer. Whats not to love?

Jouer Powder Highlighter – Rose Gold

If you have seen this online but not in person you do not realise how stunning this really is, its the perfect rose golden shade with the right amount of shimmer and glow in it. In the pan it shows different shades as you move it in the light. I definitely feel it is quite a unique shade and its going to be so beautiful on so many different skin tones. Jouer really pulled out all of the stops when making this little beauty, it really packs a punch. I hope it stays in their permanent range so I can stay stocked up.

Nails Inc Sparkle Like A Unicorn Nail Polish Duo

Already a big fan of Nails Inc and I knew I needed to get my hands on this gorgeous duo as soon as I saw it. They’re even more beautiful to actually see them on. I never want to take them off my nails, they’ve never looked so pretty and mystical! I feel like a mermaid / Unicorn with them on! Who wouldn’t love that?! The only problem I have is choosing which of the two colours to wear!

Structure Smooth Shock & Animate *

Smooth Shock is a foaming oil which nourishes and adds vital moisture to your hair, it really helped to smooth out and frizzy parts in my hair and give a more conditioned sleek appearance which I’m all about! It also smells really good too. I must tell you that a little goes a long way so be careful when applying to only use a small amount.

Because I can often lack volume and body I have been trying out the Animate product also, similarly with Smooth Shock you only need a small amount, I spread it evenly throughout my hair and it adds body and volume and gives me lift at the roots which I usually don’t have. I have also used it and curled my hair and the curls stayed in until I washed them out, they did become looser of course as you would expect but I was impressed with how long they lasted.

Adidas Gazelle Trainers

I first saw this colour way on an Instagram post and I was hooked. They’re so cute and in such a pretty colour which is perfect for the Summer! I got them for my birthday and I’m obsessed! The first time I wore them I got a mark on the front of them! So annoying! I thought as an adult I’d be able to make my shoes look new for more then one day! Apparently not.

River Island Bag

I actually love this bag so much, I have it in three other colours and generally its the only bag I tend to use. I love nude shades in most things so I when I came across this in River Island recently I couldn’t get it off the shelf quick enough! They have a matching purse I am so tempted to get too. I mean would a bag be complete otherwise?! I didn’t think so. BRB.

Lilac Pinafore – Topshop

I’m a huge lover of the pinafore and Topshop are totally killing it right now. This cute lilac denim pinafore speaks to my soul, I love me some pastel shades! I really love the raw edge on the bottom of the dress, it gives it some sass. Definitely a cute addition to my wardrobe for the Spring and Summer.

Adidas Superstar Rose Gold Toe

In my April favourites I talked about a pair of these but in a different colour way, I really love them so much they’re such a cute style. I spotted this pair with the rose gold metal toe while browsing ASOS and I was sold! It didn’t take much to be honest though, I already love the Superstars, I get retro vibes from them. I think I’m set on two pairs now. We shall see, I don’t take much persuading! What woman does when it comes to shopping!

Gin & Tonic Candle – Next

I love gin, I love tonic so of course I couldn’t walk past this and not buy it. It smells so much like a G & T its unbelievable, I couldn’t believe how good it smelled when I first found it. I hope they continue to stock it because I never want to not have this. The packing is lovely too complete with its little “Happy Days” quote glass lid. This would make such a good gift for any gin lover. I for one am obsessed with the gin goodness of it!

Have you tried any of my favourites mentioned? What have you been loving in May, leave a comment letting me know, I love to find out about new products other people are loving.

*Contains PR Samples

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  1. Your pictures are on point, Melanie! Can we talk about how good that highlighter looks? Damn. I’m so bummed Nails Inc isn’t available in Italy, I would have bought the Unicorn Nail Polish Duo as soon as possible!

  2. Your pictures are stunning in this post!! I need to get my hands on that Jouer highlighter it’s stunning! Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the hair dryer!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  3. These pictures are insane! You canreallg tell how dedicated you are and the commitment it takes! I especially love the Nails inc holographic nail polish, and the Topshop pinafore is gorgeous, I wish I’d seen it when I was in store the other day,
    Zara xx

  4. Some great favourites over May you have in this post! I’ve always been curious about those Dyson hairdryers! I love that Pinafore, that’d be so pretty to wear in the summer with pastels <3

  5. That photo with the pinafore and trainers!!! If I could insert heart eye emojis here I would. Just beautiful. I really want to try that Dyson hairdryer as well, it sounds so strange but it would be a godsend as I have loads of blooming hair and it takes ages to dry. Feels like my arm is going to drop off.

  6. I have a Next Gin and Tonic candle on as I type! I love it and have a spare (as a gift but I may keep it for myself!!!!). Also the nails inc polishes sound AMAZING.

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