June Favourites 

It’s OFFICIALLY Summer time!! Although you could be forgiven for thinking we had skipped straight from Spring right through into Winter with our abysmal weather of late, could I be more British having a little weather rant. Here’s hoping this changes and pronto. Give me that vitamin D! Waking up to the sun beams bursting through your window is one of my favourite things, I love how it lifts your mood instantly. More of this please. I have to confess, it may have only just gone Summer but I am actually more excited for the arrival of Autumn and now we are only one season away. I am sure in keeping with the speed of the year so far it will be here before I know, soon followed by you know what, I won’t go dropping the C bomb just yet! Please tell me I’m not alone in feeling this year is flying by at an alarming rate! I swear each year gets quicker then the last! Lets jump right into the things I’ve loved in June.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Of course this is one of my June favourites and for good reason. I honestly love everything about this palette, the packaging, the colours, the formula. For me being a lover of warm tones and nudes I was sold on this as soon as I saw it. It’s even more beautiful now I actually have it and the creamy texture and pigmentation of the shadows is outstanding, the shimmer shades are especially creamy and almost like butter under your finger tips. They blend together beautifully and I could use this palette all year round and never tire. Urban Decay have done a fantastic job creating the Naked Heat Palette. I have a new favourite with this beauty!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer – Fair

By now this must be pretty well heard of. All of the things you’ve heard are true. It really is a wonder product. I got the shade fair for my pale ass skin and it brightens me up like a Christmas tree! A little goes a long way with its rich and creamy formula. The coverage is almost Industrial strength! Bags are no more! It blends into the skin like a dream which is exactly what we all love in Concealers. My new BFF!

Bath & Body Works 

I’m literally obsessed with Bath and Body Works, which is somewhat unfortunate for me being from the UK. They don’t make it overly straight forward to get their products here and it can make it costly to get my hands on them. I was told about a group on Facebook where I’ve been able to get some of my favourites bits and pieces and I’ve taken full advantage. There’s definitely a coconut / tropical theme running through my chosen products. I can’t get enough of coconut scented things. It’s fair to say I’m all Coconut’ed out for this Summer! Lotions, shea creams, mists, hand soaps, pocketbacs, I’m covered! Some of my favourites have been:

Wakiki Beach Coconut everything! It might feel like the Summer is ever elusive but with my Coconut mist and shea cream I smell every inch of Tropical Summer. It’s my favourite scent for this season, I literally can’t get enough! Ironic really considering that I can’t stand the taste of actual coconuts!

Beach Nights has become another favourite with me, it’s a beautiful scent of sweet marshmallows toasted over an open fire mixed with a sea breeze. Sounds weird right? But trust me when I tell you this is to die for. I love the smell of this so much, it’s not a particularly Summer scent to me, it could be used anytime and not take you back to Summer in one sniff.

Bodyshop Coconut Beautifying Oil

This is a dry oil with a none greasy texture, ideal because no one likes to feel like an oil slick after moisturising. It goes on so lovely and melts into the skin leaving a delicious scent of fresh coconut on your skin. This is perfect for the Summer as it gives your skin a luminous glow and who doesn’t want that right?! You can also use this on hair which I’ve not tried yet but I can see how it would be good for hair use.

Nike Air Max One – Oatmeal

My last two favourites posts have featured new kicks and this one is no different. This time I’ve gone for some Nikes, aren’t they such a fab colour. I’ll have them on my feet for two minutes and they’ll not be all nice and beige for long. Nevertheless I got them anyway just because. Now just to wait patiently for our dry sunny days so I have more chance of keeping them clean for more than two minutes!

Primark Pleated Skirt

I’ve been on the hunt for a nice pleated midi skirt for what seems like forever, every time I find one I like and then try it, it gives me hips that never seem to end. I had almost given up all hope when I spotted this beautiful pink number. I almost didn’t try it but I am so glad I did, this one actually looked nice on! Finally my search was over! I’m obsessed with it! It’s a nice length on me despite being the absolute height of nothing. The colour and the silver reflects give it so much sass. It can be worn in different ways so I can mix things up a bit. Great all-rounder! YAY!!

Primark Makeup Bag 

I don’t know about you but I can’t walk past anything sparkly or rose gold and this is both of those things! I love makeup bags, I have far too many if I’m completely honest but I couldn’t help myself when I spotted these on the shelf. They’re so pretty and they’re a good size too so totally practical and justified.

Cath Kidston 101 Dalmatians Overnight Bag

I am so in love with this, I love her designs with her trademark patterns. When she released a new 101 Dalmatians Disney collaboration I was all over it. I’d been looking for a cute little weekend bag and Ms Kidston did not let me down. It’s waterproof and washable so it’s practical too, not to mention it comes complete zip pouch with fold away into for easy storage but doubles up as a storage bag inside the bigger one.

What have you been loving throughout June? Have you tried any of the products mentioned? I would love to know your thoughts. Drop me a comment below.

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  1. I need the urban decay heat palette, it’s sooo gorgeous!! Shades are perfect for fall time! Lovely post, always enjoy reading favourites

  2. I love that skirt so much!! I’ve never tried tarte or urban decay tho 😔 xx great blog 😘😘

  3. Im also in love with the heat palette, I think its amazing!! The bodyshop coconut products are my favourite!

    Sarah |

  4. I LOVE a good favourites post! You’ve acquired some beautiful bits and bobs! I share your coconut obsession so I’m definitely going to check out your new coconut beauty bits and pieces! Also that skirt is an awesome find!

    Kate x

  5. Ive been seriously lusting over the Heat palette, I seriously need to get my hands on it!
    So glad you lovely Shape tape! I’ve just ordered it in the shade fair too so I am eagerly awaiting its arrival!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. Yasss now this is such a good post! I love all those things and ahh does my eye spy the Naked Heat palette? Such a beauty. Love all these items girly. Your pics are so pretty! x

  7. Wow there are some really lovely items in this post, I love reading favourites, I’ve seen the urban decay heat palette on so many posts, is it really worth the hype x

  8. Brilliant post! Your photos are so good!The Naked Heat palette looks amazing!This post makes me want to go out on a shopping spree!! 😂

  9. Love your favorites!! I have the BBW Waikiki Beach Coconut and enjoy it. I love coconut summer scents. Here in the US I take BBW for granted 🙈 but there are definitley U.K. Products I wish I could get my hands on lol. Figures right?

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