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It’s holiday season! Those long awaited, much needed Summer holidays are almost upon us! Hallelujah! Packing is an arduous task at the best of times, trying to make sure you keep to the 15/20/25kg allowance is the first issue we encounter. Every single time, no matter how much we convince ourselves that this time, this is the time we will pack within our limit first time round. None of this having to rifle through the packed case and decide which of the 12 bikinis we can sacrifice! But it never happens! Packing light is a myth I believe!

There’s nothing worse than being all checked in at the airport and suddenly that dreaded feelings hits!! You’ve forgotten to pack something sparking a mad dash to the airport shops, and that’s just the hold luggage! Not to mention your carry on bag! That’s just as important, if not more so because it’s the one you carry at all times and you definitely know it will make it off at the other side with you!

Being a lover of a list I go all Monica from Friends when it comes to packing and organising in general so I thought I’d share some of my in Flight Essentials to get me through my flight! First on my list, which won’t be for everyone is Diazapam because without it, I’m an absolute basket case on the plane. I might be able to pack like a pro, but flying gives me the fear for sure. Once my bag is checked in I’ll be straight to the bar to numb my senses as much as I can with as many gins as I can! What a luxury it must be to fly without fear, I aspire to be one of those people one day.

Anyway, before I get too rambly let’s just get right into this.


Ok, first things first! The bag! Make a good informed decision especially if the flight is over 4/5 hours. My bag of choice is a backpack, it’s a decent size, my particular backpack has various pockets on the outside for some easy access bits and pieces. You can carry it on your back leaving your hands free to hold a gin in each, or shop in dutyfree and carry a bottle in each, I don’t actually do this, honestly! But generally not having to carry a handbag makes life lot easier, something we all need while manoeuvring our way around a busy airport.

Wet Wipes

Call me extreme but I carry three, yes three different varieties of wet wipes when I fly.

Face wipes because there’s nothing worse than the greasy and dull skin that lovely stale recycled plane air give us so I think face wipes are a must.

Antibacterial wipes because there are more germs lurking around your plane seat and table than you care to imagine. Wipe down and sanitise EVERYTHING, your tray, arm rests, entertainment remote, tv screen, anything you touch basically!

Feminine wipes because it’s good to feel fresh and while traveling these are the answer. Nothing else to really say on this one, self-explanatory really.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitser Gel

Yes, even more antibacterial products. You can never have too much of this on a plane. I make sure I use it regularly and always before eating, and after coming back from the toilet. You don’t want to be picking up any nasties before the holidays begun!

Hydrating Mist / Moisturiser / Eye Cream

There is little worse for your skin than old stale recirculated upon recirculated air from inside the cabin you share with hundreds of others. In preparation for my flight I spend a couple of days before moisturising my skin with targeted hydration products. On the day I fly I cover my skin in a generous layer of the same, my weapon of choice which I find does the best job and keeps my skin hydrated is the GlamGlow Thirsty mud. I also decant this into a travel jar and carry onboard & reapply as required. I also carry a hydrating mist because it isn’t always convenient to apply cream, plus not having to touch your face on a plane is more hygienic. I often spritz away during the flight. I have seen some people use hydrating sheet masks on the plane, but this isn’t for me. I prefer something more discreet and less Mike Myers from Halloween. But they would work a treat as well.

Hand Cream

I have eczema and my hands are dry as sticks at the best of times so you can imagine that flying doesn’t do them any favours. I pack a rich, thicker cream than I would use day-to-day to make sure I can keep my hands soft and moisturised. When I’m watching a film I layer it a little thicker as I have plenty of time to allow it absorb into my skin.


An absolute MUST! I know sometimes your get them on the flights if there is in flight entertainment and they come all nicely packaged and look new, but actually they probably aren’t new at all. I take no chances and I pack my own. Sometimes putting my headphones in and listening to music or getting lost in a film is the only thing that keeps me sane, especially on long haul.


Most aircraft now have charging points so if you’re traveling any kind of distance a charger for your phone or iPad is a godsend, particularly if you’re using it a lot or have a longer transfer to your destination.

Magazine / book / puzzles / pen

Another favourite if mine, it’s good to have something other than a screen to look at and the inner dork in me loves a good puzzle, they keep me busy for hours! I kid you not so they make brilliant travel buddies.


Mainly for my ears but more often than not I actually forget I have them, or I’m too preoccupied with where my next gin is coming from! I do always carry them with me and it’s always either a packet of Cherry Drops or good old Werthers Originals! Can’t beat them! They come in handy tube packaging making it easier to stash in my bag with everything else I travel with.


Flying is very dehydrating on our bodies so carrying water is a big one for me. I know you get it onboard but at least having your own means you can access water as and when you like, not just when you manage to flag down a member of staff while they busy about the plane.

Neck Pillow 

This is probably entirely dependent on the flight time you have but for longer ones it’s a must. It’s all very well pushing your seat back as far as it goes but for me that doesn’t give me enough support to sleep comfortably. While my lying there trying to sleep resembling an uncontrollable nodding dog might be amusing to see, it is definitely not pleasant on my neck, or mood when sleep constantly evades me because of it. A neck pillow is the answer and I’d not be without it. I have a foam one and I feel it holds it’s shape best, unlike the ones filled with small beans.

Toothpaste & Toothbrush

This one is a given, there’s nothing worse than furry teeth or being able to taste the gin from a couple of hours ago. Toward the end of every flight I always have a little freshen up and this always includes giving my nashers a good brush.


Maybe this is a strange one, maybe it makes perfect sense. For me it’s the latter. Should the dreaded bag gets lost situation occurs, you’ll at least have a fresh pair of undies to change into. I’ve been known to spill drinks over myself while flying without having any spare pants packed, I had to get given a pair of pyjamas from the first class cabin to wear while commando for the remainder of the flight and until I got to my accommodation. It wasn’t one of my more fashionable moments let me tell you. Now I never travel without at least one fresh pair of undies. That aside it is nice to have them if you want to freshen up before landing after a long flight and you’re feeling a bit gross from the cabin air and being sat for so long.

Sleep Eye Mask 

More so for longer flights. A sleep mask can be an invaluable item to take onboard, especially if you’re on a daytime flight. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep and it isn’t dark and it’s noisy and there’s a lot going on around you, which leads me nicely onto my next item I pack..

Ear Plugs

Again, same principle as the eye shades, to allow you to feel more comfortable and relaxed when trying to get off to sleep by cancelling out any noise going on around you and hopefully letting you sleep without any disruptions.

Cosy Socks

I don’t know about you but I never find the plane cabin temperature just right, I’m either to warm or too cold. The worst part of my body for feeling the cold is my feet so packing cosy socks is a must to make me feel more comfortable onboard, especially if I want to get a nap in. You can’t beat cosy socks! Just remember to take them off on the other side before putting your sandals back on!

Do you have any items you have to pack in your travel bag to get you through your flight? I would love to know, leave me a comment below telling me.

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  1. So glad I read this as I’m going on holiday next month and I’m always forgetting things. Definitely going to pck some comfy socks! Might as well try and be as comfortable as possible when flying which I hate! xx

  2. You sound like you’re super prepared when you travel for everything which is fab! Comfy clothes/socks, headphones and a neck pillow are my essentials x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  3. I totally agree with everything you packed, it’s everything I would pack 🙂 I basically comfort is the most important thing to me. Eye masks especially if I’m flying to say East Asia 🙂

  4. You totally pack like me! I always pack so much and definitely have multiple packs of wet wipes!ill be book marking this for when I go to Portugal later in the year!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this post! I’m taking my first long haul flight (9 hours to Orlando) next month and this post will help me so much more knowing what I absolutely need to take in my carry on 💖🍵

  6. Wet wipes, yes! That’s a really good one! I often find myself needing something to wipe my hands on because hand sanitizer just doesn’t cut it for me sometimes. I wrote about making it through TSA lines a while ago but this is a really good list for packing!

  7. I have to admit I bring nothing on the plane with me aha, all I have it my kindle, charges and water! I hate having a heavy bag walking around the airport aha, great post tho x

  8. This a great post and full of useful things to bring on holiday! I like the idea of bringing a backpack, I usually do that myself, it’s much handier than a handbag. The wipes are a good idea too and the cosy socks, must bring them both next time I go travelling!

  9. Seriously about to bookmark this for my next flight! I forgot soo many useful things, that are in this, when I went to Ireland in May and I was so mad. ESPECIALLY SINCE I DIDN’T GET A NECK PILLOW. I swear I had a permanent crick in my neck that whole trip, haha.

    Much love xx

  10. I agree with all this! I brought all the things you mentioned with me on my first international flight a couple of weeks ago. I literally used antibacterial wipes for everything on the flight haha

  11. I have actually never thought to pack a spare pair of pants in case my bag gets lost but that actually makes so much sense! I am definitely going to try and remember to do that next time. Cosy socks are also a must for me, it helps me relax when I get on the plane so I feel like it is more of a safe space. I had an awful fear of flying, but I read a book by Allen Carr about overcoming the fear of flying and it actually really helped – I was massively sceptical before. Might be worth a shout before your next trip to pick up a copy! 🙂 xx

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