September Favourites 

OMG!!!!!! It’s AUTUMN!!! It’s officially AUTUMN!!! I am so excited! Like Buddy the Elf on Prozac excited!! I can’t tell you how much I love this season. I’ve decorated the house with my beautiful seasonal pumpkins and Autumnal colours. I can’t get enough of it! Burning my delicious pumpkin spice candles all day everyday, filling the house with warming seasonal scents. Not forgetting Starbucks seasonal favourite, the pumpkin spice latte is back! Basic bitchin’? Who cares! You like what you like. I know some people hate pumpkin flavored food and drink, but I love it. Pumpkin spice everything please!!

Autumn isn’t the only exciting thing to happen this month. I’ve also been to Dubai for a week too. I absolutely love Dubai, this was my second visit, I dare say it won’t be my last, I’d go back tomorrow! The weather was so incredibly hot! I was definitely able to enjoy 7 days of intense Dubai Summer to makeup for the lack of it in Britain! I was lucky enough to experience some amazing things during my holiday, like going to the top of the Khalifa, going on a desert safari and my first camel riding experience! The only issue was it went by far too quickly. I’d go back in a heartbeat. Such a beautiful place. Well worth a look if you get the chance.

Charlotte Tilbury Golden Sands Quad

I did it. Maybe a little late to the party, but I did it! I become the very proud and somewhat smug owner of my first Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Quad palette! I am so excited about this! I went for Golden Goddess, beautiful warm tones and golden hues! It made perfect sense that this would be my first! It was a toss-up between this and Dolce Vita! This one just tipped it.

I definitely can’t wait to try more from her brand. It all looks stunning! If I didn’t have to pay bills and eat I’d own everything! But unfortunately I have to adult. Next on the hit-list are Dolce Vita which almost made the cut, and the gorgeous Vintage Vamp!! I actually think that’s my favourite, but I wanted a palette that would be more wearable, hence getting Golden Goddess.

Jo Malone Cologne – Nectarine Blossom & Honey

An absolutely stunning scent, very fresh and clean. It reminds of Spring / Summer with its rich fruit aromas, zingy nectarine and delicate peach all working together in such harmony to create this beautiful perfume. It is so long wearing and you definitely don’t need a lot of perfume on to enjoy it fully. It is light and sweet, and perfectly sized to pop in my handbag.

September Favourites Jo Malone Charlotte Tilbury
Zoella Lifestyle Journal

If Zoella doesn’t create the most blogger photo friendly stationary, I don’t know who does! I loved her Journal last year, and I love this years even more! Gorgeous white and pale pink, complete with positive quote in big gold lettering across the front! I am absolutely obsessed. Expect to see this in many blog photos in the near future. Her new Christmas range also looks amazing too. I can’t wait get my hands on some, and how cute is the name, Snowella! I love it!

Grace Cole 

I’d been eyeing these products up for a little while after reading a post on them. I was more than prepared to buy direct from her website at full price. When doing some shopping in TK Maxx I spotted them sitting among various skincare products and I had them swiped off the shelf quicker than lightening! Seriously, they were £3.99 for a full size individual item, and £7.99 for a pair of either hand soap and hand cream, or body wash and body cream. An absolute steal!! I picked up the vanilla blush and peony scents and they are delightful. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more! It’s like a one stop shop for almost everything!

Bath & Body Works Hand Cream – Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Oh my goodness! This smells DIVINE! I honestly cannot get enough of it. The formula of the Bath and Body Works hand creams is one of my favourites. Packed full of good stuff like vitamin E and shea butter it nourishes my hands leaving them silky smooth and oh so soft! Bath and Body Works describe the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin scent as “a sweet, autumn blend of pumpkin, cinnamon & sugarcane”. My hands smell good enough to eat after using this. I am so glad this also comes in a full size shea cream for the body too! I can lather myself in it and smell amazing all Autumn long! I’m not gonna lie, I’ll be using this all year round!

September Favourites Grace Cole Zoella Journal Bath and body works

Harry Potter Cauldron Mug

Primark have really been ramping it up with their Harry Potter range, and let me tell you, I am loving it! All of the Harry Potter please!! Thank you! I couldn’t help myself when I saw this black cauldron mug! I definitely didn’t need a mug, I have loads, but I didn’t have a mug shaped like a cauldron, bearing the Hogworts emblem, so for that reason I needed it! It will be the perfect mug to fill with hot chocolate, whipped cream and a helping of marshmallows to keep me warm throughout the chilly Autumn nights! While watching Harry Potter! Of course!

Harry Potter Pyjamas

I’m a pyjama junkie so I felt that as Primark had so many new pairs of Harry Potter PJ’s, it would be awfully rude if I didn’t get at least one pair! Now when I’m sat with my hot chocolate filled cauldron mug, watching Harry Potter, I can also wear my pyjamas too and take my Harry Potter dorkiness to a whole new level! Sorry, not sorry! All I need now is the dressing gown and slippers and I’m all set!! 

What things have you loved during the month of September?

September favourites harry potter pyjamas

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  1. That Jo Malone perfume sounds absolutely perfect! I love citrusy notes in my perfumes and have wanted to splurge on some JM scents for a while so I will be adding this to my wishlist. I have never heard of Grace Cole products before, but Vanilla Blush and Peony? Count me in!

    Also, I am absolutely jelly of your Harry Potter PJ’s!

  2. I LOVE Jo Malone perfumes! I don’t own this one but I have tried it in store and it’s gorgeous. I need those HP Pj’s in my life too <3

    ~ ~

  3. I love your photography, ah it’s amazing! I’m also super excited for autumn this year, and I have just bought some new pjs from Primark, getting really in the mood now aha x

  4. I absolutely love your photos and I definitely agree that the Harry Potter mug is the perfect mug to have a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in!

  5. I could not read that first paragraph quick enough. The excitement that you must have wrote it in is beyond me.

    I love Zoella too and I couldn’t gare more Snowella is such a great name for her new range of products

  6. Please may I have all these products! I am with you on the pumpkin spice everything I could eat drink and dream about it all day everyday! I am a huge jo malone fan and of course LOVE all the Harry Potter bits!

    Great Post!


  7. OMG I NEED that Harry Potter cauldron mug! I’ve not seen that one before because my nearest Primark don’t seem to stock much of the range.

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