Autumnal Homeware Haul

Without a doubt Autumn is my favourite season, nothing makes me happier than seeing beautiful Autumnal home decor in those warm burnt reds and oranges that signify Autumn, appearing in store. I noticed some bits and pieces in stores quite early this year, as early as the start of August. TK Maxx was the first store I saw Autumnal homeware in, I could hardly contain my excitement when I spotted it! So many gorgeous colours, it made me so happy to see so many things! I felt like a kid in a sweet shop! I didn’t know what to look at first! I picked up a few candles, I am obsessed with candles, I burn them none stop from mid September, right through Winter. It makes the house feel so cosy, while filling it with delightful scents!

I know in the UK we don’t go crazy for the whole seasonal home decor and pumpkin thing like America do, but me personally, I’m all for it. I already have some adorable little decorative pumpkins and glittery leaves, which I grabbed while in the States last year. I love how the house looks with a few Autumnal touches, it felt warmer almost, if that makes any sense.

TK Maxx

Orange Glittery Glass Pumpkin

I have quite an obsession with all things pumpkin, you’ll soon see for yourselves when you see how many feature in this post! I love that it’s such a big thing to decorate for Autumn in America, as we do for Christmas. As Autumn is my favourite season I wanted to embrace the American tradition and bring it home with me. It would seem that TK Maxx are also on board with this given the amount of beautiful home decor things they have in! I nearly squealed with excitement when I first saw it all! This gorgeous sparkly pumpkin was the first thing that caught my eye! It’s so beautiful! It’s a shame to have it out for such a short time if you ask me!


What would Autumnal home decor be without cute woodland animals. I realise squirrels aren’t seasonal, but it fits into my Autumnal theme so I just had to have it. Its so cute! I will probably keep him out all year round if I’m honest, I’ll find him a little forever home in the house somewhere.

autumnal homewear haul

Autumnal Wreath

I noticed that TK Maxx had a whole array of wreaths and garlands, all equally as beautiful as the last. Adorned with burnt orange and red leaves, brown glittery acorns, pine cones, berries, and orange golden pumpkins, placed upon a bed of rustic branches and twigs to create the most stunning wreath. I was smitten as soon as I saw it. I picked the best looking of the few they had and made it mine. I might even go as far as to say, it may well be my favourite piece of Autumnal home decor I have now. I just wish it was all year appropriate. For me, I would love to keep the house decorated for Autumn. I can’t wait to see what other bits they get in store.

Stacked Pumpkins 

How cute are their little faces!! I’m obsessed with this! It’s going to look so cool with a tea light inside burning away! I couldn’t resist this when I saw it on the shelf! It was the last one so I got there just in time. I think this is perfect for right through the Autumn season, rather than just Halloween time.

White & Gold Acorn

The acorn, another Autumnal staple. I think this little ceramic acorn is so sweet, the top comes off so could be used for storage if desired. With it being white and gold, it will break up the orange shades of my pumpkin ornaments nicely.

Orange Pearlescent Pumpkin

I loved the gorgeous pearlescent sheen this has been coated in, it’s beautiful. I also really love the little laser cut holes it has been designed with. I could only get one at the time, I’m hoping they restock so I can get another and make a pair of pumpkins.

autumnal homewear haul

Halloween Jack O Lantern Mug 

I love how adorable this mug is! Its really rounded too like a pumpkin would be, it will fit plenty of hot chocolate and marshmallows inside for those chilly Autumn days! On the inside it reads Happy Halloween too. The face on the front is so cute!

Autumnals Pine Cone & Berry Branches

If there’s one thing us bloggers love, it’s seasonal photo props! These beautiful Autumnal branches, complete with orange glittery pine cones and berries are ideal! I snapped up a couple to add some warmth and Autumn touches to my photos for this season. Expect to see a lot of them.


To share a homeware haul without candles, well it would be a sin! Particularly for me, an avid lover of a candle or ten! Especially when they are scented with delicious aromas of spiced pumpkin, clove and cinnamon. They bring so much warmth to the house, I love it! Just what we need to see us through the darker, colder nights.

The yummy scents I picked are: Pumpkin, Pumpkin Rum, Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Allspice, White Pumpkin, Apple Cider. No surprises at all for guessing my favourite scent.. Its fair to say I’m well stocked on the pumpkin candle front! At least I know if I ever have a power cut, I’ll be laughing! Not to mention having the most delightfully scented house!

autumnal homewear haul
autumnal homewear haul
Bath and Body Works

Pumpkin Candle Holder

I own so many three wick candles from Bath and Body Works, all of which are either Autumnal with some sort of Pumpkin scent through them, or Christmas ones. It made perfect sense to get a beautiful holder to place them in while they burn. Being such a fan of all things Autumnal and Pumpkin related, I couldn’t resit getting my hands on this gorgeous golden pedestal holder, complete with beautiful golden, glittery pumpkins.

Leaves Soap Holders

Despite being branded as soap holders for dispenser bottle soaps, I won’t actually be using them for that purpose. I think they would rust, and tarnish being wet frequently. Instead I plan to place them around the fireplace to add more Autumnal touches. They are so beautifully coloured with rich reds and oranges, and a few subtle hints of glitter added for good measure.

Magnetic Leaves

These a quite a bit bigger than I had anticipated. They are actually magnets designed to be placed on the lids of the three wick candles. I’m undecided how I will display them, I think they would look beautiful, strategically placed around my pumpkins to create an Autumnal scene. They had four shades, rich orange, dark brown, true gold and rose gold, I got one of each. I can’t get over how gorgeous they are! So sparkly and glittery. I love them!

Magnetic Pumpkins 

These cute little pumpkins are intended to sit on the lids of Bath & Body Works three wick candles. I think I’ll probably place them randomly around the wood burning fire with the rest of my Autumn touches.

autumnal homewear haul

autumnal homewear haul

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  1. So much cute stuff! I have that Pumpkin Allspice candle too – it’s a teensy bit too strong for my asthma but I love it so much that I’m using it as a wardrobe scenter as I refuse to get rid of it. 😀

    I have a few deliciously-pumpkiny pillar candles from TK Maxx as well but now I think I need to go back for some non-candle homewares! Love the leaf soap holders but I’d try them as candle holders, I think.

  2. Omg I’m a sucker for home decor around this time of year! Here in America, we do go a little crazy I have to admit! My apartment is on its way to being fully decorated! I love your haul, we have the same taste! I love the stacked pumpkins and the jack’o’lantern mug!

  3. Hi, I love autumn as well. I have to say the squirrel is my favourite out of your goodies, second to this it has to be the Halloween mug. I need to pop into TKMaxx.

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