Fragrance Mists & Perfume By So…?

So…? Now there’s a brand that invokes memories from my teenage years. I know you remember the cult favourite So…? Kiss Me. There wasn’t a girl at school who didn’t own this. It was a regular purchase of mine on my routine weekend girls shopping trips to town, we would rifle through the self-selection beauty stands, and spray ourselves with every scent imaginable, but aways, without fail, we would repurchase So…? Kiss Me. Anyone who was anyone owned at least five bottles! How times change!

I had totally forgotten all about the brand until very recently! Yes, that’s right! So…? are back with a whole new look and an exciting range of fragrance mists and perfume. The new body mists are packaged in fun, colourful bottles. So…? have a great selection of fragrances to choose from so there will be something for everyone. More recently they launches body mists and matching perfumes in three new scents. The brand very kindly sent me a perfume and matching body mist, along with two other body mists from their regular line to try.

All of the mist bottles are 100ml which makes them great to pop into your handbag, gym bag, and to stash in your carry on bag while travelling. I have them stored all over, one in the car, one at work, one in my bag! Ideal for a little freshen up throughout the day. The scents I received were Sheer Illusion perfume and mist from their most recent launch, and both Wild Berries and Fresh Floral from their main line. You can purchase So…? products from both Boots and Superdrug, often they will have offers on their products.

So..? Fragrance Mists

Fresh Floral 100ml RRP £3.99*

Generally floral scents don’t do a lot for me so I didn’t expect to care much for Fresh Floral, but as it turns out it is my favourite scent I received! An intoxicating blend of peonies and peach blossom compliment one another beautifully to create a delicate fresh floral scent.

Wild Berries 100ml RRP £3.99*

As expected this scent is very sweet and fruity. Definitely reminds me of a warm Summer’s day. Ideal for those chillier Autumnal days to bring back a little bit of Summer for us. I find it a little sweet for my personal liking, but to be honest I’m not a big fan of sweet things so it’s hardly surprising.

Sheer Illusion Body Mist 100ml RRP £3.99 & Sheer Illusion Eau De Parfum 30ml £6.99*

This is a beautiful, delicate scent, it has been created using a blend of mandarin and bergamot top notes, a floral undertone of rose and jasmine with  creamy sandalwood base notes. It’s a fragrance that you could use for both daytime and evening occasions. The packing is very chic and simple, with soft pink and rose gold shades. It is sleek enough to conceal inside a small evening bag for a little spray later on. The mist is also packaged in a similar designed bottle with a slightly different lid, and the packaging is plastic rather than glass.

I haven’t tried the other two scents from this range but from what I have read I am sure they will be fab too! Overall I am so impressed with the products I received. My favourite I have to say is the Fresh Floral body mist. I will definitely be repurchasing this once I reach the end of the bottle. Have you tried any products from the brand?

So..? Fragrance Mists
*Contains PR samples

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  1. Hi, how great that you just associate the fragrance with your teenage years. I love the packaging and the price is good as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The mists are fab! I’ve gone through about 6 bottles of the Vanilla Milkshake scent – I am OBSESSED and get sooo many compliments on it!

    Alice x | invocati

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