The Autumn Edit 

Now that Autumn is officially in full swing we start to see the seasons change, and the leaves begin to fall. I gradually start introducing little changes to my day-to-day routines. I turn to hot drinks and hearty comfort food for some inner warmth. My Costa visits become more of a regular occurrence as I indulge in far too many all butter mince pies than I care to admit, washed down by a delicious gingerbread latte with extra whipped cream plus mini gingerbread man! I’ll be wearing cosy jumpers so calories really don’t count…

It is the ultimate cosy season! I can’t get enough of the cosiness, I burn candles while I wrap up in snuggly blankets as my nights out, become nights in. The candles you can find at this time of year are some of my favourites! I especially love the Bath and Body Works ones. I’ve been really enjoying Leaves recently, it is a divine combination of juicy apples and spiced clove! So perfectly Autumnal! Lets not forget the extra hot bubble baths we have, filled with all of the Lush goodies. I love their range at this time of year. Hot baths are the best thing after being out in the cold!

Autumn / Winter time is my favourite for many reasons, but one in particular is the fashion! I find self-control at an all time low (hard to manage, but I do it) when I see the new seasons fashion hitting the shelves. I live for thick cosy knits and cosy hats and scarves! This Autumn I’ve developed a slight obsession with cord pinafores! I recently bought a gorgeous burgundy one from Primark for a mere £13.00!! Not to mention countless pairs of thick cotton tights to wear with it!

With all of the good comes a very slight negative, and it is very slight. But the change in weather, combined with central heating doesn’t go down too well with my skin. I know a lot of people tend to reach for thicker creams and what not so I’m definitely not alone. I suffer with (super annoying and very angry) eczema, my skin can flare up and become a blotchy dried out mess in no time. The bathroom cabinet soon begins to look like a witch doctors cupboard! My favourite body creams are from Bath and Body Works, they have some of the most delicious scents at this time of year! If only it were easier to get them to the UK!

Recently I have been treating my skin to my newly purchased Too Cool For School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack, and Pumpkin 24k Gold Mask. I have really been enjoying them for some extra moisture and hydration! I’ve been using them once or twice a week at the moment. I also grabbed the egg and cream sheet mask to try out. Stay tuned to see how they work out for me.

Now that I’ve got the skincare covered, I can turn my attention to my makeup. I really love to switch it up at this time of year. My nude lipsticks become deeper and richer as I indulge in a more vampy makeup look. One of my favourites for this time of year is MAC Cosmetics Crème In Your Coffee, it’s a gorgeous mid-toned pinkish brown shade in a cremesheen finish. I love it paired with a warm eye look.

As far as nail polish goes, I’ve never been one to go for bright bold colours, I prefer nudes and darker shades. This year is perfect to embrace the darker tones and really take advantage of the season. A couple of my favourites are from the Models Own Twilight collection, both Hot Chocolate and Sweet Sherry are two of my current favourites, you can find them here.

I hope you have enjoyed this Autumn Edit. I have another couple of Autumnal posts if you’d like to take a read. You can find them here and here.

Do you have any habits you change at this time of year?


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  1. I love this post! Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I also love a good bit of knitwear! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons in terms of clothing!

  2. I love changing up my wardrobe for autumn/winter too! and I like getting my warmer, darker eyeshadows and lipsticks out to compliment the season. I love your photos btw! x

  3. Your blog is gorgeous, same with your photos! Also a pumpkin 24k gold mask sounds amazing. I really like this idea of post and will defo check out your other autumnal posts 🙂

  4. Love this post! I actually really like the pictures, too! The only habbits I change in autumn are that I pull out my cozy blankets and this year I challenged myself to not let the cold get to me and actually wear various clothes (not only jeans and sweaters) and throw some skirts and thights in there! X

  5. Such a beautiful post! I love this season best, too, and am so excited for all the upcoming cold days that I get to stay in, sipping on my tea and eating biscuits haha
    Anyway, I´ve never heard of that MAC lipstick but I´ll definitely have to try it out some time! So thank you for the tip:)

    xx, Valeria

  6. These photos are giving me so much life! I’m such a sucker for Autumn fashion, and I have a bad habit of picking up every orange / mustard item I see and everything pumpkin-related too. That sheet mask looks so good!

    Rachel |

  7. Firstly, what beautiful photography, and secondly, such a sweet post idea. I’m always taking my skincare more seriously this time of year because as soon at it gets cold, my skin just gives up lol. I think I need more autumnal clothing, I’m still living in summer clothes with a sweater!

    aycan xx

  8. Your photos are absolutely stunning! I love this post; it’s the epitome of Autumnal! I also have way more baths this time of year,
    I love spending hours reading and relaxing with bubbles when it’s cold outside xxx

  9. I really enjoyed reading this Autumn Edit post. Love your style of writing and the photographs captured along with it. It’s Spring/Summer here in Australia at the moment but my favourite seasons are also Winter/Autumn. Reading this made me want it to hurry up and come back! Lovely post!

    -Sophie xx
    Cherries & Perfume 

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