Glossier Haul & First Impressions

Glossier has really been doing the rounds on social media lately so I have no doubt that you will have heard of it. For those of you are less familiar with the brand, Glossier is the brain child of Emily Weiss. Previously Weiss has appeared on reality TV show The Hills and is also the founder and CEO of Into The Gloss.

Glossier has been available in the US for sometime and has really gained momentum and mass popularity. Now available here in the UK via internet orders only for the moment, UK beauty junkies up and down the country have wasted no time in getting their hands on the highly sought after skincare and makeup products.

I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t until I saw the name Glossier blowing up all over my social media feeds that I actually heard of the brand. I felt like I would be missing out on a trick if I didn’t get some. It’s a real struggle for me to not buy something if I see it being raved about all over social media. I mean let’s be real here, that’s why you’re reading this post! I just couldn’t let that bandwagon pass me by. What can I say, I’m weak. But if you managed to avoid the temptation to get in on the Glossier craze, stay tuned to see if it really is worth the hype!

So as I was unfamiliar with the brand I looked around to see what items seemed to be the most popular, I soon began to see a lot of the same products being mentioned. One of which was the Milky Jelly Cleanser and another was the Priming Moisturiser. Costing £15.00 for the cleanser, and £18.00 for the moisturiser I thought I’d be better off buying the Phase 1 Set for £35.00. In doing that I was also getting a tube of Balm Dotcom, which essentially is a body salve and works in a similar way to cult classic Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

My first thought on this was that I really disliked the smell. It’s supposed to be rose, which I did pick up slightly, but overall it had a weird smell to it. You can used this to both cleanse, and remove makeup including eye makeup. Use it on dry skin to melt away makeup, or on wet to get a thorough cleanser. It is a gel consistency which has been pH balanced so it is gentle on your skin. The gel has been formulated with 5 skin conditioners to deeply cleanse without drying.

I have oily combination skin and I find that this really clears away my excess oil but it doesn’t leave me dried out. My skin looks bright and clear after using this. I found it to be effective when using dry to remove make, I had a slight dark line under my eye however. Overall I do like this cleanser, I would probably repurchase this at some point. Personally I wouldn’t go crazy and rave about it being the best cleaner I’ve ever used, but it is a nice product.

Priming Moisturiser

Similarly to the cleanser my initial thoughts on this were that it had a funny smell. To me it was the smell when a product has expired, it’s really off-putting. But smell aside, I actually liked how this applied and made my skin look. It seemed to smooth over my pores and reduce them, which I love! My skintone also appeared to be more even. It didn’t add extra oil to my problem areas like around my T-zone, another plus from me. It’s really convenient especially in the morning to only have to use one product to moisturise and prime. I think it’s a great idea if I’m honest.

Makeup applies as well over top as it would with any of my other primers. It also lasts as well throughout the day too. Some of its key ingredients include: hyaluronic acid which is renowned for its hydrating capabilities. Anti-redness complex made with a blend of tea and honey extracts to reduce redness and sooth the skin. Antioxident blend formulated with vitamins A, C, E, and radish root to protect the skin from daily damage.

All in all, I really enjoy the Priming Moisturiser, and I would repurchase. I love how quick and easy it is. The simplicity of it makes for a great travel companion to save on space. I would recommend this if you are looking to try some products from Glossier. You can buy it alone, or as part of the set. The tube size is 50ml which for a moisturise I think is pretty standard.

Balm Dotcom

This product is a one stop shop for many things. Balm Dotcom is a multitasking, long-lasting, hydrating skin-salve. It has been created using a blend of antioxidants and natural key ingredients which include: Beeswax, a natural emollient which forms a protective barrier. Rice brand and rosemary leave extract to fight against free-radical skin damage. The formula is very thick with a wax like texture, it melts into the skin and forms a protective barrier over the top.

I have been using this on my lips for the most part and I love it, it is so long wearing. It’s the right consistency to be comfortable yet long-lasting. The tube size is 15ml which I think would last a while as you only need a small amount. It comes in 6 fun flavours, original, Birthday, Rose, Cherry, Mint and Coconut. I opted for the original and that works for me. Birthday flavour has shimmer through it which put me off. To purchase alone this will cost £10.00.

Cloud Paint – Dusk

Essentially this is what it says on the tube, paint, for your cheeks. It is a tinted gel-cream like formula which you apply direct from your fingers to your cheeks. With it being a tint it is easy to blend in and difficult to over apply. The coverage is buildable so you can definitely get the right colour for yourself. Cloud Paint has been formulated with the following key ingredients: Collagen to visibly plump skin and maximise water retention to aid hydration. Blurring Powder Pigments to deliver a streak-free, smooth diffused finish.

Cloud Paint comes in four different shades and you get 10ml of product for £15.00. I went for the shade Dusk which is the most neutral of the four colours on offer. It is a muted peach with warm pink undertones. Dusk is definitely the colour of blush I go for and it worked well against my fair skintone. I love how minimal it is for those low-key makeup days. I’ve really been enjoying this product so far.

Boy Brow

This is one Glossier product which I’ve seen being raved about. Boy Brow is a creamy wax like consistency and has been designed to thicken, fill and groom our brows. You can choose from four shades which include, clear, blonde, brown and black. I picked the brown one and find the colour match to be spot on. The wand is small enough to get precise product placement and really fill in any sparse areas. I have used this both alone, and on top of a brow pencil, I love it both ways. My only complaint, and this is nothing to do with the product, is that I wish I had more brows to use it on! I fell victim to the 90’s skinny brow trend and they never fully recovered. So upsetting! Despite this, Boy Brow does give me considerably fuller brows when used alone.

This product retails for £14.00, but it is also sold as a duo purchase with my next product.


Haloscope is a dual functional product providing both a dewy highlight, while caring for our skin. The inner halo is formulated with a blend of coconut and castor seed oil rich in vitamin E to nourish the skin. The outer halo is infused with real Rose Quartz, or Golden Topaz depending on which you go for. It glides onto the skin leaving a beautiful dewy glow behind, it feels lightweight but not tacky. The level of glow can be intensified by adding more product. I have really been loving this and my skin feels so soft and nourished after.

You can choose between three shades: Moonstone – Pearl opalescent glaze, Quartz – Pink pearlescent sheen, and Topaz – Golden sun-kissed glow. I went for Quartz and I love it, I think I might try Topaz next for a warmer glow. Haloscope retails for £18.00 and you get 5.5g of product.

You can buy Boy Brow and Haloscope as a duo purchase for a combined price of £28.00 which is what I did because I knew I wanted to try both. You can go direct to that page here Boy Brow & Haloscope Duo.

Did you pick up anything from Glossier?

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  1. I’ve heard so much about Glossier and it seems to be a cult favorite. Yet I’ve never purchased from them! I have oily skin too and often I find cleansers to dry me out. I might try jelly cleanser once I run out of mine because I’m definitely looking for something that will help tame the shine! Great post!


  2. I’m obsessed with the boy brow and the priming moisturiser so freaking much, I use them every single day! I love Glossier’s whole vibe and I can’t eair to pick up some more goodies as I’ve got a bit of store credit!

  3. I’ve seen so much about Glossier I feel a little bit like I’m missing out on the hype but nothing is screaming ‘buy me’. The thing I was most interested in was the cleanser which doesn’t seem that great so I’m kinda glad I’ve passed on it so far. The Cloud Paint sounds great though! x


  4. I keep hearing about Glossier and I’m glad I read this, the products sound pretty good but I think i’ll wait until I run out of what I have before purchasing as there will probably be something new out by then too!

  5. I keep hearing about Glossier and I’m glad I read this, the products sound pretty good but I think i’ll wait until I run out of what I have before purchasing as there will probably be something new out by then too!

  6. I loved this post and i liked how informative it was on each product! And I think you’ve now converted me – I might have to get online soon!

  7. Hi, thanks for the honest review, I think I would be tempered by the boy brow as I need to get one of these soon and always stick to the same brand.

  8. I actually, strangely, didn’t jump on the Glossier hype. Some of the productssound great, I’m really intrigued by the priming moisturiser and the cloud paint sounds really different and not like something I’ve tried before but nothing really jumps out at me as a desperate need! Great review though, you’ve definitely got me thinking!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  9. I haven’t tried anything yet but definitely do want to give it a go! I’m glad you mentioned the smell of a couple of the products because I find it really hard to look past smells that I dislike in a beauty product I’m putting all over my face! You may have tempted me to have a look at the website and try something out with the 10% off, thanks!- x

  10. Love this review, I have seen so many people rave and say it is the best thing ever, etc. It is nice to read a review that is honest and picks out the disadvantages as well as the good things about the product. I also loved the background information on the brand, I personally didn’t know who founded the company before now.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin

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