Lush Festive Picks

On a cold Wintery night, there is little else that can warm us through and bring us comfort like a long soak in a hot bath. I’m 100% a bath gal all year round, but in the Winter months I indulge myself more than ever. That feeling when you first step in and you get a rush of goosebumps over your skin as you immerse yourself in the hot water. Being a huge lover of a bath not much tops it for me, but a good bath can be made great with the right attributes. A large glass of wine, or a warming cup of tea perhaps, getting lost in a great book, or browsing your favourite magazine, relaxing music, or my personal favourite, bath time treats!

I absolutely love adding bubbles, bath bombs or bath melts to my baths. I feel like I’m cheating myself if I don’t, especially at this time of year. For me, there’s only one place to go for all of my bath needs, and yes, you guessed it! LUSH! I love Lush at the best of times, but at Christmas it is extra special. All of those delightful scents, warming cinnamon, that old favourite, Snow Fairy! They all look so tempting with their beautiful Festive designs! Year on year Lush never fail to disappoint. We regularly see our old favourites return but they always have new Christmas surprises for us also.

Lush Festive Picks

Butterbear | Bath Bomb

This has such a lovely scent that just relaxes me while I immerse myself in the water. Packed with nourishing cocoa butter it leaves my skin feeling softened and moisturised. I am a huge fan of this bath bomb, I might even go as far as to say it might be my favourite. Who can resist the adorable bear shaped bath bomb. I love to use this at night as it really relaxes me ready for sleep.

Snow Angel | Bath Melt

This smells of marzipan and it’s absolutely amazing, I love it so much! Bath melts are some of my favourite bath time treats. They are so moisturising and nourishing on my skin. They help to give back some of what the harsh Winter weather take away. Not only that but it leaves my skin glistening with a golden shimmer too which is so pretty!

Lush Festive Picks

The Magic Of Christmas | Reusable Bubble Bar

This just epitomises Christmas in every way. Christmas and cinnamon go hand in hand, this star is full of delicious, warming cinnamon and clove, and a hint of zingy orange. All of the most festive scents you can imagine. I love a bath with this, it just feels so warming and uplifting. I feel so festive afterwards, definitely some of my favourite scents for the christmas period. I feel that as it can be used multiple times it is good value for money too. Mine seems to last for ages.

Christmas Eve | Bubble Bar

I love that this has been named Christmas Eve. It gives it a special sort of feel I love, a bit like those new pyjamas you wear on Christmas Eve. I keep this specifically to use on Christmas Eve. I love the smell, it’s so calming and relaxing, exactly what you need ahead of the big day. I might be an adult, but it still takes me longer to drop off on Christmas Eve because I lie there too excited to sleep! What can I say, I just love Christmas.

Lush festive picks

Star Light Star Bright | Bath Melt

Another favourite bath melt of mine. This has a lovely warming scent of ginger and a hint of lavender, it makes for a great before bed bath to help with a good sleep. It turns the bath water into a beautiful lavender shade. You will emerge from the bath looking like a member of the Cullen family with all of the silver glitter, I actually don’t mind the added sparkle. It is Christmas after all.

What are your favourite Lush treats at this time of year?

Lush Festive Picks

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  1. I have to go into Lush and look at the festive range. I can’t believe I haven’t yet! My all time favourite is the Snow Angel! Xx

  2. I’m so disappointed to say I’ve never actually tried a Lush Bath bomb?! I pretty much always have showers so I don’t ever need them. I’ve always been soo tempted to try them out though, with the colder weather now may have to look into getting some! My sister has told me they are great before too.


  3. I love the star light star bright one sounds like my type of thing, might have to pick one up for myself when I go Christmas shopping to de stress when I get home 💕

  4. I always love lush’s festive stuff, I think I’m a little bit addicted to snow fairy. I stock pile it up every year haha.

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