Gift Guide For Harry Potter Lovers

Do you have a Harry Potter obsessed Muggle In your life? A Witch or Wizard patiently awaiting their owl delivered letter inviting them to Hogwarts? I’m beginning to think my owl has gotten lost, I’ve been waiting years!

Well fear not, I have prepared a list of magical gifts fit for any Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin! I’ve noticed a huge influx of Harry Potter themed products around the shops just in time for Christmas, for me it can stay that way all year. I’m that person who owns every pair or Harry Potter pyjamas and socks from Primark, and who can’t bypass a Harry Potter product in the shop! Primark generally stock a great selection of items all year round, but it’s really blown up the past couple of months! I’ve been obsessed with Primark visits lately to see what new things they have from the Wizarding world! Whats more is that they all come so reasonably priced! They even have Harry Potter themed gift wrap and cards which I really appreciate!

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Harry Potter Book Set

What is more magical than curling up and getting lost in J K Rowling’s adventures of our favourite witches and wizards, Harry, Ron (BLOODY HELL!) and Hermione? They are some of my all time favourite reads and they never get old. Amazon have a beautifully presented box encasing all of the books which all bear excellent illustrations on the covers. This set would make a great gift for any Harry Potter lover!

Hogwarts Letter Cushion – Primark

I’m slightly obsessed with this cushion! It’s a sort of Hogwarts letter, but I don’t think you’ll be fooling anyone if you turn up to Hogwarts with this! It is the perfect addition to add a little magic to any sofa or bed.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Sweatshirt – Primark

It might not be one of Molly Weasley’s famous hand knitted jumpers but it’s still pretty damn cool. It’s so cosy and comfortable to wear while you patiently await your owl bringing news of your place at Hogwarts! Or perhaps it could be worn to the next Quidditch game! The choice is yours!

Bauble – Primark

Deck your own halls like the Hogwarts Great Hall with this cute bauble bearing the Hogwarts emblem. They also had a Platform 9¾ design too. Inside of the glass bauble is full of chunky glitter to add some festive sparkle to any home!

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Polyjuice Potion Cup – Primark

Polyjuice Recipe:

If this isn’t for you, fill this cup with your favourite drink whether it be Butterbeer, Gilly Water or Pumpkin Fizz, no-one will ever be able to tell the difference!

If you could take a drink that would turn you into another person or being, who or what would it be? Hmm!

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Pyjamas – Primark

What better attire to relax in your house common room after a hard days work of Potions with Professor Snape and Defence Against The Dark Arts classes! Stick your pyjamas on and curl up in front of the fire with a box of chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans! Just be careful to avoid the bogie flavoured ones!

Cauldron Mug – Primark

What better way to drink your butter beer than with this! What ever your poison, it will be made instantly better served up in your very own Harry Potter cauldron mug! You can fit so much more inside than you can a regular mug! Extra hot cosy drinks are a must at this time yet year!

Now that the gifts are taken care of, you will need to wrap them and add a Christmas card! I got you covered, Primark have various designs of Harry Potter wrapping paper, and Christmas cards so you can make your favourite Witch or Wizards Harry Potter festive dreams come true.

I also have another gift guide for her you can find here.

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Harry Potter Gift Ideas

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  1. Think i need to pay a trip to primark and pay attention to this things they have in certain collections haha! as a harry potter lover – i love these items, especially the cushion and sweatshirt 🙂

  2. I saw some of the range in Primark when I visited Liverpool earlier in the year such a good selection and very reasonable prices thanks for sharing I see my niece getting a little extra something 😍

  3. These are all SO cute! I honestly kind of want to get a new book set since my childhood ones are starting to fall apart, haha… And those pillows are so classy looking, would love to prop them up on a comfy chair (:

    Sinéad |

  4. Ah I love this gift guide – so cute! That bauble is so sweet and would be a lovely addition to the tree. I want my kids to get into Harry Potter so I can share the magic with them! X

  5. I’m loving all of the Harry Potter stuff in Primark at the moment! I managed to snag myself a Ravenclaw cushion but I was really upset that there weren’t any more Ravenclaw things… But at least there are a lot of generic things to buy! I love the look of those pyjamas!

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