January Favourites

Without verging on sounding like negative Nancy, I’m so glad that January is finally behind us! There’s just something so fundamentally blue and half-hearted about the month and I notably struggle with motivation throughout. I don’t know about you but this January feels like it has been about 6 month-long. Ok, slight exaggeration but it has been hellish long!

Despite my lack of love for January I hit two milestones with my blog which I’m still not over! I reached 4000 followers on Twitter which is crazy to me, 4000 people want to follow me, I can’t quite figure out why cause I’m kinda boring.

Not only that Little Miss Mel reached its most views ever!! It blows my mind if I’m honest. I am so incredibly grateful to each and every follower and reader for taking time out of their lives to follow, or to read my posts. This is my passion and I adore my blog, my slice of the internet, and its so humbling to reach milestones like this. To you, my reader, thank you so much because it really does mean the world to me.

It’s been a few months since I last shared a monthly favourites post, but this month I’ve been spoilt for choice when it came to products that had been rocking my world.

Jo Malone Green Almond & Redcurrant Perfume

Already a loyal cheerleader of Jo Malone I was powerless to resist the temptation of a new limited edition scent, encapsulated in a limited edition bottle. The bottle is in keeping with her permanent line of colognes, but that is where the similarities end. This bottle has been given a vibrant matte, pastel-pink makeover and the traditional silver cap, now matte white. The label which adorns the bottle now bears fresh, green contrasting text to work in perfect harmony against the pink bottle. I may be a little biased in saying this but I personally think this fun twist has been beautifully executed, I really do love it.

Now onto the scent. Oh that scent! It is such a multidimensional fragrance. At first you are hit by sharp notes which I can only describe as very green with a hint of citrus almost. To me it is very reminiscent of freshly cut grass. As it warms into the skin the notes become softer and sweeter with the redcurrant shining through. It has a layer of musk and nuttiness that also begin to make themselves known. Such a decedent scent it is, I bought two and I hope we see this perched neatly on the glass of shelves of Jo Malone stores in the near future.

Image Skincare I Mask Biomolecular Anti-ageing Radiance Mask*

A brand I was somewhat unfamiliar with until I received an email from a lovely lady asking if I would like to try out a sheet mask from their skincare range, naturally my inner skincare junkie jumped for joy! It was the cutest PR package, the pink envelope laced with multicoloured star confetti.

The mask had a gel like consistency on the skin and has been infused with ingredients designed to hydrate and reveal a more radiant and youthful complexion. I have to say, I really enjoyed this mask and although I have only used a handful of times it is hard to say how the anti-ageing results worked out for me. What I can tell you however is that after every use my skin looked more plumped with added bounce if that makes sense, also brighter and refreshed. I would happily repurchase this as I feel the results I had were exactly as Image promised.

Jo Malone Green Almond and Redcurrant cologne

Primark Pure Glow Highlighter

Is there anything you can’t buy in Primark now?! They’re fast becoming your one stop shop for an ever-growing variety of products. One of their most popular additions to their stores has without a doubt been their beauty range, which, might I add, expands with every visit! On a recent trip to my local store I happened upon some new, and absolutely stunning individual highlighters, what surprised me more was that I was able to find one that hadn’t been opened and tempered with! Something a regular beauty shopper of Primark will know to be something of a rarity.

Of the two shades available I opted for the rose gold toned shade. The powder is aesthetically pleasing and not unalike an illuminator by Laura Mercier. It puts me in mind of ruffled satin almost, with flowy, haphazard waves, yet every bit as beautiful in appearance as it is in colour.

The formula and texture are like that of butter beneath the fingertips as such, you get a rich creamy, and intensely pigmented colour payoff with both swatch and brush application. It is hard to fathom the price point of a mere £2.50 for such a beautiful well made product. A must for any highlight junkie!

Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette

Coloured Raine have done a tremendous job creating this palette, it is remarkable how intensely pigmented the shadows are both swatched, and applied to the lid with a brush or fingertip. At the touch of each shadow you are greeted by the most luxurious and buttery texture beneath your fingertips.

The shade range within this palette ticks all of the boxes for me with every pan of delight delivering the highest quality eyeshadow. You get the perfect ratio of matte to shimmer shades included. For me the real superstars of this palette are the shimmer shades, they’re phenomenal and it is easily one of the highest quality palettes I own and being a palette junkie, that’s a big statement.

Glossier Balm Dotcom

For me this has become a multitasking wonder product which I never go anywhere without. I predominately focus my main usage to my lips and eczema prone hands. It coats my skin with a protective barrier to both moisturise, and prevent moisture loss from occurring. I have so far used the original, coconut and birthday cake flavour options and I can confirm that each is as good as the last.

Essentially Balm Dotcom is a multifunctional Body salve you can treat most skin concerns things with. Chapped lips, dry patches, cuts and scrapes, eczema, soften cuticles, you name it! It is a natural emollient full of antioxidants to nourish and repair the skin. If you haven’t tried this yet you really are missing a trick. If you try out one Glossier product, this is the one.

Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette

Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil

My purchasing of this had more do with my inability to resist a bargain more than anything else. I have heard a lot of great things about this oil and I’d be lying if I told you that I wasn’t intrigued. I believe this sells for around £35 for the oil alone which is probably why I resisted buying it, that was until I found a full-size oil in a gift set with two other products. Marked down to £25 or so I was unable to resist any longer and the beauty junkie within succumbed.

Now that I have tried this for myself it is easy to see why it is such a popular product. My hair feels incredibly nourished and hydrated from using this oil after every wash, my unruly, fly-away ends now tamed. One thing to note about this oil is when reading the application information you are told to use two pea-size amounts sparingly. PLEASE DO. On my first encounter I disregarded the instructions and proceeded to pump out 6 pea-size amounts. Major oil slick ensued! My hair is of average fullness and length wise it sits around the middle of my back, two pumps for my hair is more than enough.

Lush Twilight Bath Bomb

Can you think of a better cure for those hideous January blues than immersing yourself in a hot bath with the added luxury of your favourite bath bomb. I know I can’t. A recent discovery for me has been the Twilight bath bomb from Lush as I noticed my anxiety levels creeping up. Bathing with my new friend helps me slip into a relaxed state, and with the perfect blend of lavender, ylang ylang and tonka it unearths an inner calmness within me. If I use this in the evening I sleep notably better too.

What have you been loving throughout January?

Jo Malone, Bumble and bumble, lush twilight, image skincare, primark highlight, glosser balm dotcom

*Contains PR/Gifted items, all views and opinions are my own. 

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  1. Congratulations darling on meeting such great milestones. You should be so proud of yourself.
    And you’ve also made me really want to take a look at Primark highlighters – you totally sold me!

  2. Your favourites always hurt my bank account but are SO worth that. The Jo Malone perfume is one I really want to try as so many people say how incredible it smells. Gorgeous photos! Xx

  3. I am obsessed with the balm dot com and the bumble and bumble invisible oil. They’re both such great products! Also, that palette looks absolutely beautiful.

  4. January has been a difficult month but i’m glad to see that you hit a couple milestones! well done for that! This month i’ve really been into fruit teas, out of nowhere i sparked a fruit tea obsession!


  5. Oooh I need to try that highlighter – it sounds amazing and so cheap!! Haven’t tried that Lush bath bomb – need to go in and get more soon x

  6. um can we talk about how freaking perfect that Coloured Raine Queen Of Hearts Palette looks! I mean those colours are beyond gorgeous!! + that primark highlighter? whoa. I need everything haha.

  7. i have yet to try and primark products, they are however my go to for wonderful large jumpers hah, I think the next time im in there i need to take a look at their makeup

  8. That Palette looks amazingly gorgeous! And you’re totally right in that primark is becoming great for all things beauty, literally cannot go into that store without going through the beauty section for roughly a half hour x

  9. Ooh some lovely products here! I want to try more Jo Malone scents they are just amazing. I think I need the face mask and that highlighter looks great, will have to keep an eye out in my local Primark! x

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