The Trouble With Instagram: Accounts You Should Follow 

I think you’ll agree, when it comes to Instagram we’re all finding it tough right now! It was such a great platform and it worked so well, however since it was sold on to Facebook they have made so many changes which have directly impacted people like myself. Bloggers or brands wishing to grow their audience with a view to increasing their outreach and following.

The changes which we have been subjected too have really sucked all of the fun out of Instagram, I personally find it soul-destroying to put in what I do, for what I get in return. The whole algorithm and shadow ban have really made it impossible for us to move forward. If anything, we are losing followers by the droves!

Of course these changes have a huge part to play, but our issues with Instagram could also be partly down to us. Hannah Gale made an interesting point on Twitter asking us to reflect on how many people we follow, how regularly we hit the follow button and like and comment on other people’s photos, surprisingly for the most part the answers were very low. So lack of engagement and following could be lying within ourselves also and reflecting as a whole on Instagram growth.

I don’t know what can be done to fix this, I often find myself asking what’s the point, why not just delete the whole thing and be done with it! But negatives aside, and granted there are more than anything else at the minute, I do still love the concept behind Instagram. I really hope Instagram take notice and make changes that allow it to be more of the platform it once was.

With the chances of that happening being about as likely as me getting taller, there are things we can all do to help. Like and engage more with your followers, seek out new accounts to follow. By interacting more we are putting ourselves out there for new potential followers to see. When times are hard we need to come together and share the love. I also like to mix up the hashtags I use so I appear in different categories, try to use smaller ones so the images don’t get lost among everyone else’s.

I know it isn’t all about the numbers, but when you see our haphazard, causally thrown together flatlays, you don’t get to see the whole behind the scenes picture, how long it takes to organise the right props, to place the items in an effortless, strewn around manner, but in reality we spent forever to place them strategically! So many of us work so hard on our photos to make them the best we possibly can and we receive very little back for the work that we put in. It’s incredibly disheartening.

On that note, I felt like this would lead me on nicely to sharing some love for some of my favourite Instagram accounts and hopefully you can find new people to follow too.


Chloe is a beauty blogger so expect lots of makeup and skincare you’ll most definitely need to buy afterwards, mixed up with some lifestyle and her two beautiful boys. Her feed is stunning and she nails the flatlay time and time again.

Instagram Accounts


Clean and fresh, Hannah keeps it very simple proving less is more. Her feed is very white and crisp, and I can’t get enough of the stunning array of products she shares.

Instagram Accounts


Katie’s feed is pretty in pink with an array of gorgeous beauty products to tempt you with. Not only that but you get to watch her stories which have all sorts from random chats, blogger mail and her two cheeky kitties.

Instagram Accounts


Lily combines beauty, lifestyle and more recently baking and foodie photos. She has a gorgeous grid and I am forever finding myself heart-eyed over it!

Instagram Accounts


I have been a long-term follower of Adrienne and it’s not hard to see why. Her photos are to die for! She makes me want products I never thought I would. I’m absolutely obsessed!

Instagram Accounts


The ultimate in girly themes, Faye’s feed is always pretty in pink, be warned, you’ll be lusting after her products, props and everything in-between. I never get over how stunning her photos are.

Instagram Accounts


With the captions as hilarious as the photos are beautiful you’re guaranteed a laugh a minute with Nikki. Fond of many a beauty item with her gorgeous flaylays her account is not to be missed.

Instagram Accounts


A very feminine feed with the right amount of pink, always full of beauty and lifestyle picks. Sharon should have so many more followers than she does, I love her grid.

Instagram Accounts


I’m totally obsessed with the home decor photos on Georgie’s feed, they looks like a board from Pinterest. I often find myself lusting over her photos and rightly so, they’re gorge!

Instagram Accounts


Amie’s feed is fall of gorgeous lifestyle photos and often you can find delicious vegan bakes and food ideas too. It’s a great place to find cruelty free beauty products too. A beautiful lady with a beautiful feed.

Instagram Accounts

Don’t forget to share some of your favourites in the comment section below.

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  1. This is such a great post that shares so much love for the people who put alotof work behind their blogs!shall follow all x

  2. Ah I love all of the accounts you’ve shared. I already follow Chloe but I will check out the others, they all look beautiful! x

  3. Amazing post and thank you for sharing some beautiful accounts. I actually follow all of these are all great accounts! Xx

  4. Love this! IG is just so disheartening but it’s made me change the way I use it. Instead of just scrolling through endlessly I now go out of my way to like as many posts as I can. Especially sponsored ones! I already follow most of the people you recommended but always on the hunt for new fab people to follow!
    You also definitely should have given your own IG a little shout out in this as I love your feed, I’ve just followed!

    Chloe ❤

  5. Thank you for sharing these accounts. I’m still getting to grips with instagram… I’m finding the more I engage the more I get out of it. But it’s early days, I’ve had my account for years but only just using it.

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