About Me


Hey, I’m Mel, I’m twenty eight and I’m a Northerner, or Geordie as we are better know (think Cheryl Cole / Ant & Dec, “wey aye man” if you’re not familiar with the term). We’re the ones who call everybody pet! Ok pet? 

My other half, Jack and I are proud parents to a very spoiled Jack Russell Terrier who goes by the name of Charlie, you can see we took our time on that one! You’ll probably see a lot of him around here, I’m like a crazy cat lady, but with a dog, and I’m not an old spinster! You get the drift. I love my dog, and every other dog I see, anywhere, ever! 

I am a serial shopper and a compulsive hoarder! Which leads to an awfully crowded house and a constant lack of storage to be more precise, thats my excuse and I’m sticking to it! The idea of buying less, a phrase which is a firm favourite with my other half (typical man!) is blasphemy! Lets look at it this way, it will provide me with a constant flow of material to chatter on about! So its a good thing really!

I have been back and fourth on the whole should I make a blog, should I not make a blog, what if I’m not good at it, what if people don’t like my posts or content, what if they don’t like me, etc. So here I am, I give you Little Miss Mel, makeup hoarder, skincare junkie, dog lover, foodie, serial clothes (clothes here having the meaning of everything) shopper, and most recently home decor fanatic since moving into our first home! 

Thank you for taking the time to check my page out, I’m excited to be starting out on my new little journey and sharing my views and opinions with the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.