2017 Goals

Can you believe we are already into our second week of 2017! Where does the time actually go?! I have to keep reminding myself of the year, I still feel 2010 was like a couple of years ago! CRAZY!! Anyhoo, I hope 2017 has been kind so far and you’ve all gotten off to a great start.

So for me 2016 was a good year, probably a big year in terms of personal achievements, I’ve made a post all about this here. Going forward into 2017 I feel happy, positive and optimistic. 2017, I am going to grab you by the balls! My current achievements help to shape some of my goals for this coming year. I need goals and I need something to work forward towards. Without goals I would just stand still. I personally work at my best when I am organised and have a plan for myself, it keeps me focused and more productive.

My 2017 goals are:


One. Continue to create a healthier lifestyle

In 2016 I made a huge change with this, I feel even more determined going into 2017 to maintain it and better myself further, not just to lose weight which a lot of people use as their driving force, but to improve my overall wellbeing and quality of life long-term. I have found a way that works for me and it makes the whole process much easier and manageable. I can’t wait to see what I can achieve this year. I really want to take up yoga again too so that is on my hit list this year.

Two. Practice self-love

I think I speak for a lot of people by saying this is a massive one for a lot of us. By self-love I don’t mean I need to dust off the lycra gym leggings and get to the gym yesterday. NOOOOO!! Self love is more a mental thing. Yeah I’d love to exfoliate more, use face masks regularly and moisturise daily. That isn’t what I am getting at. I want to be kinder to myself. Hell I want to be my biggest cheer leader and why not! We should all be our biggest supporters. I am human, and I critique myself at times, granted not like I used too, but I can sometimes make myself feel really rotten. What gives me the right to do that, if it were anyone else saying those things to me, I’d be the first to lose the plot. I will also not compare myself to anybody else. Another thing we are all guilty of I’m sure. I will embrace my “me’ness”.

Three. Improve my finances and savings

This one speaks for itself. Life can be expensive when it suddenly gets in the way and drops a problem at your door that requires a chunk of money to fix, particularly with being a home owner. It makes more sense now than ever to build up that ever important rainy day fund.

Four. Frugality

HUGE one for me. I am a top hoarder. Much to the absolute disgust of my minimalist partner. Since moving out I have improved on this greatly. I am not one of those people who part with things easily, especially if I place any sentimental value on it.

I would also like to be more frugal with the pennies. I am in no way whatsoever as bad as I was to prior to becoming a home owner. Nothing gives you as greater value for money then when its leaving your account quicker then it arrived for all manner of adult things and bills, suddenly you realise why your Mum moaned so much for running the heating all hours of the day, or for throwing all sorts into the shopping trolley!

Five. See more of the world

Pretty standard really. Who doesn’t want to see more of our little planet. I definitely would love to explore more new places. I was fortunate enough to venture to Texas last year, a place I would never ordinarily have found myself had it not have been for my partner relocating for work. I’d love to make it over to Italy this year. Despite never being there I am fascinated by the beauty of the country, plus I LOVE Italian food so much!! Who knows what the coming year will have in store, its exciting to not know where it will take you.

Six. Chill and not sweat the small stuff.

This is a big one for me, and I know it will take a lot of work. For me being a laid back person just isn’t in my genetic makeup. I suffer regular attacks of midget rage and my immediate reaction to a lot of things is to lose the plot, rather than be cool, calm and collected. I’m painting myself in a bad light here but it is a goal of mine for 2017 and to continue with ideally, that is the plan anyway. Would you believe me if I told you that I have actually improved on this over the years too. Like I said, a lot of work and effort on my part. I’m up to the challenge though. I’m quite looking forward to seeing how it feels to be a calmer human.



One. Improve the overall appearance of my blog

I mean it’s not awful or anything, but it does show my limited blogging skills and knowledge of WordPress so I would like to gain a more in-depth knowledge regarding this to jazz my little slice of the internet up a bit. Make it more aesthetically pleasing and what not. Stay tuned.

Two. Pinterest

I literally have no clue how to use Pinterest what so ever, but I have been led to believe it can be a useful tool when blogging so I am making it my mission to wise up and become a Pinterest wizard! Ok, not really but I would enjoy knowing what the heck I’m doing while on that site. My current knowledge is that it is a place full of pretty pictures. Anyone who is familiar will know by this that I have a way to go.

Three. Create a blogging schedule

I like to think of myself as being well organised, or at least in theory I am with all of my lists and what not to keep myself right. I need to create a blogging schedule and get ahead of myself and maintain that. I am still relatively new to this whole thing but I feel I am at a point where I can set myself a schedule up and stick with it.

Four. Consistency

Granted I started out in Mid October and it ran into what I feel is the busiest time of the year so I wasn’t as on the ball with new posts as I’d like to have been. I also want to be more consistent with my social media too, posting regularly on there and taking part in chats on a regular basis.

What are your goals for the new year? If you have a link to your own post leave it in the comment section, I’d love to see what they are.

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    1. Thank you. I enjoy reading about the goals others have and seeing how they get on through out the year. Its motivating I feel x

  1. These are great goals! Self-love is so important and it’s something I want to practise more of as well, particularly during exam time. Good luck with these, and here’s to 2017!

    Jemima x

    1. It is so important, I wish more people would catch on, I hate to see people being so hard on themselves.
      Thank you, and good luck to you too. x

  2. I love reading everyone goals posts at the moment, it’s nice to see others have similar goals and also read about ones that are completely different. I’m definitely with you on 2,3 and 5
    Hope 2017 is a fabulous one for you and you achieve your goals 🙂

  3. Some really great goals for 2017. Realistic and practical. I am.such a hoarder myself so looking to tackle this as well as stick to a more regular blogging schedule.

    1. Its so easy to just stick stuff in a drawer or the back of a wardrobe and forget isn’t it, before you know it there is nonsense everywhere ha! x

    1. Thanks lovely, if it all goes to plan it will be a year well spent. You have some great goals to keep you on track and focused.
      I couldn’t function without any goals to keep me moving forward. x

  4. Great goals, I agree with self love!! I need to take care of myself, with little acts of kindness towards myself!!! I also have given myself the goal of not sweating the small things!!! Life is to short to worry!!!
    Good luck with your blog aswell, I’m sure you’ll ace it!! xox

  5. They are all great goals! I completely feel you on the finance and savings objective! I need to spend less and save more ahah. Less takeaways and more weekend away (or designer bags) ahah xx Corinne from Corinne & Kirsty

  6. Some lovely goals here, I’m sure you’ll achieve them this year. I especially love the consistency one with your blog and social media! Also a blog schedule is really good to keep you organised! You don’t have to aim high at first, just whatever you can manage. I wish you all the best. I also made my own goals post on my blog, I would love for you to check it out!

    Gemma | http://www.anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you 🙂
      I do hope so, they are achievable so no reason why I shouldn’t.
      Yeah thats a big one, I will get there with it, still quite new atm.
      I’ll head over and take a look at it, love to read others posts. x

    1. Thank you lovely. Glad you enjoyed it. I will definitely do my best to get through them all this year and onwards. x

  7. These are all amazing goals! I’m with you on so many of them, especially practising self love, we need to be so much kinder to ourselves and give ourselves more credit!

    Tiffany x

    1. Thats a big one and I bet a lot of us could do with giving it ago. Hopefully it helps to inspire others to do the same x

  8. Loved this post. I didn’t create blogging goals this year but really wish I did. It’s a very good idea though for separating blogging goals and personal goals from each other.

  9. These look like excellent goals! I’m totally with you on being healthier for the sake of your actual health, rather than weight loss. Weight loss doesn’t motivate me the way that seeing more muscle definition from lifting does, or the way that being active and mobile into my golden years does!

    Good luck with the blogging goals, and if you unlock the secret to frugality and saving more, please let me know because I need to get on that!!


    1. I couldn’t agree more. I prefer to train with weights tbh. It pushes me on to see the changes I make and how much better I feel for it too.
      Thank you lovely, you too. Ha I will share if I manage to find that out for myself. I’m going to try my hardest! x

  10. Fantastic goals to achieve this year. I had a massive clear out last week and I feel so much more organised, it soon mounts up. I also need to start saving again now Christmas is out the way.

    Sharon x

    1. Aw thank you lovely. I did loads when I moved but I still feel like I have so much stuff. You’d never be able to tell I’ve actually gotten rid of about 16 plus charity bags full! x

    1. I’m glad it isn’t just me who is totally alien to Pintrest! This time next year we’ll be little whiz kids at it! x

  11. These are some really great goals! I’m also working on decluttering and keep less items as well as consistency on my blog too! I hope you achieve all these goals X

    1. Its a necessary evil I find, I struggle with it a lot but it needs down I guess. Feels so good after it is done though. x

  12. These are such good goals! I love how they are specific to certain aspects in your life! Good luck on achieving them this year, I know you can do it xx

  13. These are great goals! I do wish you all the best with those goals girl. And if you find a way to stop spending money and actually start saving, please do share haha. Xx Larice

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