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I’ve not been blogging for all that long, not long at all actually, but one thing I have learned quite quickly is how blog props can make a good photo great, now I am not professing to have mastered the art of the ultimate blog photo, absolutely not. However, since implementing certain probs and strategically placing them into my photos I have seen an improvement even over such a short time. Being a compulsive buyer, and a compulsive hoarder I have managed to acquire quite the collection of props. The notion of buying a product only to be used in a photo would have been completely foreign to me pre October 2016, but now I pick things up almost anywhere I go. I feel as though my props are slowly taking over the dining room! Such is the life of a blogger! If this is the damage I can do between October and now, imagine what another few months can do. But hey, the way I look at it is that I am investing in myself… Point made.

There are so many things you can use as props, there are no rules so you can have fun and experiment with your set ups and angles for the best shot for you. Some of my most reached for props and key items have got to be:

White Card / Contact Paper 

A major player in the blog photo game, the perfect base to begin setting out your photo. You can also cover it in an adhesive print / contact paper to give the illusion of a new background, marble is always a good idea, its a great budget way to give the effect of a beautiful marble worktop, I won’t tell if you don’t.


I LOVE artificial flowers they are a bloggers BFF! They fit into any photo and take it from a 5 to a strong 8 plus! I use a mix of artificial flowers, some on stems, flower heads, petals and dried rose buds statically placed to look oh so effortless, except it took like the thick end of half an hour to set up one photo. Some of my favourite ones to use are peonies, roses, tulips and lilies.


Something that is probably lying around most homes somewhere, its amazing what draping a simple ribbon does for your photo. Its fast becoming one of my favourite props, it just adds an extra little something to a flatlay. Ebay have loads for sale in various lengths or you can by a whole roll. Craft/home shops like Hobby Craft and Dunelm also sell it. So inexpensive, yet so effective.

Fairy lights

Adding pretty little lights to any photo set up adds a little something something, a little sparkle if you will. I’d dare to say I bet there isn’t a blogger alive who doesn’t own at least one set of fairy lights. I own *cough* five *cough*. Hi, my names Melanie and I’m a hoarder!

Quote / Art Prints

Because who doesn’t love a cute little artsy picture or a positive quote thrown in for good measure. They can be a main feature, or casually placed in the background, or under a flay lay, the choice is yours. I love Etsy for cute quote prints, I have a lot from Coconut Lane also, they have gave me an affiliate discount code for money off at checkout, feel free to use code “littlemissmel20” for 20% off at checkout if you order from them.

Succulents / Plants

I love a good cactus/succulent appearance in a photo. I tend to go for fully artificial, less spikes that way and being clumsy like I am I would stab myself with the spikes everytime I touched it. They come in the cutest little pots too. Its like they were made to be photographed.

Rug / Throws 

A must for me, I love how a faux fur rug or a casually placed throw add texture, dimension warmth to a picture. It gives an aspect of cosiness to a simple photo. Scarves work well also to have draped in a flatlet to add a little extra something.

Trinket Dishes / Plates

Another cute little addition to a photo which adds some sass and a variation of texture and colour. For me I just love them because they make a photo extra pretty, who doesn’t want that. They work great placed in a photo alone or with little things in them.

Books / Magazines

A glossy magazine really works in a flatlay, it adds a variation of colour and breaks up the photo, similarly as do books, but they also double up for front facing photos as they look well stacked with their spines showing, I tend to stand ornaments or candles on them, or strategically place my products on them.


A great all rounder and can be used in so many different photos, you can lay bits and pieces over top of a cute notebook, you can place them around for a break up of colour. There is so much beautiful stationery to choose from at the moment, nearly everywhere you go you can grab a cute notebook or pen. I also love the rose gold paper clips to scatter around a photo to fill in the gaps, I got some star shaped clips from Paperchase and I love them so much, I use them almost all of the time.


Fond of a candle of twenty I am never in short supply for my photos. They look great placed in the background to add some warmth and ambiance. Burning or not burning they work well either way.

What are your favourite props to see in photos or use yourself if you’re also a blogger? Leave me a comment letting me know, I love to see what other people enjoy to use.

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  1. Ohh I never even considered magazines and I am an obsessive magazine reader. Thank you! I am definitely bookmarking this post, I will be coming back to it for sure. I’ve been finding taking blog photos really calming, dunno if that’s weird hehe. It just chills me out.
    Thank you for this post!

  2. Omg yasss girl! I love this post and you have some beautiful props there. All your pictures always look so great aw! This gives me ideas and inspiration to up my game with my props because I only stick to the same ones! Lovely post x

  3. These are great prop items, I found it very useful to purchase a marble adhesive to use as my background in many photos – also fake flowers are a MUST!

  4. I LOVE buying new blog props!! The only trouble is finding the money to buy all the nice stuff and trying not to go overboard! I love using loads of the things you’ve mentioned here. Great post xx

  5. Your pictures are so beautiful and match so nicely – this is what i should aim for but I am so lazy haha x
    Claire |

  6. I’m actually going blog prop shopping at the weekend so I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for some of these recommendations!

    Chloe x

  7. These are some really great ideas. I definitely need to incorporate more plants in some of my prints. Heading over to check out Etsy. Thanks for the tips!

  8. This is such a useful blogpost!!! I always struggle for ideas on my insta posts ao thankyou!!

    Sarah |

  9. You’ve got such a great eye for what works in a blog photo! I’m absolutely awful with flatlays and I’m definitely bookmarking this post for later. The ribbon idea is so unique, too. It adds a lot to photos in a lovely understated way!


  10. Such fab ideas! I love using fairy lights, trinket dishes and random stuff I find round the house!! I love the idea of having fake flowers, I honestly didn’t think of that! Doh xx

  11. Ohh never even considered using some of these things while I have them laying around the house haha. Great post! X Larice

  12. Your photos are literally my fave. Your Instagram feed is so beautiful and such goals! I love this post and I hope you get some much deserved love!

  13. I am seriously lacking in the blog props department, I will take your advice on board and keep my eyes out fot things in the future x

  14. Absolutely loved this post! Thank you!! I’m brand new to blogging myself and I always struggle with a good flat lay. Some fabulous tips!

  15. I absolutely love your photos. This is such a helpful post, thank you for sharing lovely xx

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