Clear, Blemish Free Skin With T Zone

T Zone!! Now there’s a blast from the past! Throughout my teenage years their products were my skins saviour, keeping my breakouts at bay! I swore by this stuff! It really brought back memories seeing all of their products. My inner teenager went a little crazy, I’m not gonna lie!

I’ve not used any products from T Zone in years as I thought they were more targeted toward problem skin. They have created a new charcoal and bamboo range, it aims to give a deep cleanse and really get into your pores. I’m an oily combo gal so this is right up my street. I couldn’t wait to try it! I find that products which really clean out your pores tend to minimise them, which is a massive plus for me. I hate my enlarged pores!
I have noticed an influx of products hitting the shelves containing charcoal. Its reknowned for its deep cleansing capabilities, getting into the pores and really drawing out dirt and impurities while detoxifying the skin. It absorbs excess oils which can contribute to blocked pores, which in turn lead to breakouts and blackheads.

I couldn’t get into my package quick enough when it arrived! So many goodies! The items I received and have been testing out are:

Ultra Purifying Face Wash *

I’ve really enjoyed this face wash, I definitely feel like it left my skin feeling deeply cleansed and purified with every use. It takes away any shine and really does a great job of controlling my oil. I tend to get quiet oily around my T Zone, but with this it doesn’t get half as oily as it did. I don’t tend to get breakouts, but since using this even my skin seems clearer and brighter. I am a big fan of charcoal in skincare, it’s perfect for my specific skin type. I’m so impressed with this cleanser. I’m glad I’ve been able to test it out, I’ve saw first hand that this works well for anyone.

Deep Cleansing Face Scrub *

Similarly to the face wash, this also using activated charcoal to get into the pores and draw out dirt and impurities. It also uses exfoliating microbeads to help irradicate dead skin cells to reveal a brighter complexion.  I found this to be purifying and gentle enough for regular use. My skin felt lovely and smooth after using this, my overall appearance was much brighter too. I’m personally a big fan of charcoal, and having oily combination skin, I feel it works really well for me.

Black Peel Off Mask *

I followed the instructions on the box when using this. I applied a medium coverage layer to my cleansed skin, left it to fully dry for 30 minutes as instructed, I then proceeded to begin peeling it off. It peeled off with ease for the most part although I found it a bit painful, over areas where I caught my hair it was particularly painful. It left my skin reddend in some areas and it felt uncomfortable for some time afterwards. If I had black heads I fully believe it would have removed them given how well it adhered to my skin, but as I don’t I feel this isn’t suitable for me skin. It did remove excess oil and visible reduced my pores which I did like about it.

Black Cleansing Wipes *

I have to say, I found it very strange to clean my face with a black face wipe. I can usually tell how good a job it is doing by how much makeup is on the wipe, but with this it’s hard to know. My face definitely looked fresh and clean afterwards, all signs of oil were gone, even my trouble areas at the sides of my nose and T zone. I really liked how my skin felt after using this. Considering it is a face wipe, it felt as good as it would if were properly cleansed.

Nose Pore Strips *

I don’t suffer with blocked pores, or blackheads which this is targeted towards, so for me I never noticed a lot having been removed. Once wet and placed on the nose it dries quickly and it really adheres to the skin. I actually found it a little painful to remove, it left my nose quite red and as I don’t suffer blocked pores, it didn’t remove anything. I can see how it would on a person with blackheads and blocked pores however, I’m sure if I had anything like that it would have surely came away.

Self-Heating Mask *

I’d probably say that this is my favourite product I’ve received. I really felt that my skin was so much clearer and brighter after using this, my pores were drastically reduced in size. My overall skin tone looked improved. I really liked the way it felt when applying, the heat felt soothing to my skin. The amount of oil my skin produced was far less after having used this, evening going into the following day. I’m definitely a fan of this product and I would be more than happy to repurchase when I finish my pack.

No-Shine Paper *

Perfect to pop into my handbag to keep my oil at bay while on the go. These little sheets work wonders, one touch of my face and the soak up any oil it touches. Ideal for me because I tend to get a little oiler as the days goes on.

Have you tried any of the T Zone range? Do you have any favourite products?

* This is a sponsored post, but all opinions and views are my own. Contains PR samples.

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  1. I’ve never heard about this brand! I have combination-oily skin and am always on the lookout for better products! The face wash, peel off mask and nose strips look promising! Thanks for sharing!

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