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I love it when it comes to the bronzing stage of doing my makeup. I really feel that adding some warmth in the right places really brings me to life. It gives me warmth and definition. You can really sculpt your face, and enhance your natural features, chisel out cheekbones that would rival Maleficent! I always use a matte bronzer, I don’t really like shimmery ones if I’m honest. Although I have included one in this post, I don’t necessarily use it as a bronzer, rather to give my face and body an all over glow. I’m more on the pale side so I find I have to be careful with the shade of bronzer I go for, too warm or too dark and I feel it makes me look a little muddy, if that makes sense.

Some bronzers included in this I will only use on certain areas of my face, rather than all over like others I mention. Where I do like to try to include an even mix of both affordable, and more high-end products, I have only been able to use one affordable brand, and that is the only shimmer bronzer in this post. I do have one matte bronzer from an affordable brand I would have loved to include, but unfortunately it isn’t actually available here in the UK, I didn’t want to showcase items you weren’t actually able to obtain if you like them. So for that reason, my four matte bronzers in this post are all a little pricer that your high street brands.

Too Faced – Milk Chocolate Soleil

I went for the lightest of the bronzers in this range, it gives my fair skin just the right amount of colour and warmth. This is more of an all over bronzer to warm up my complexion, rather than to be used to sculpt and contour. It is a soft, creamy consistency, this allows for a great application onto the skin, it also makes it effortless to blend in and give a natural finish. Chocolate isn’t just in the name, Too Faced have actually formulated this product with antioxidant rich cocoa powder! It smells good enough to eat! The formula also helps to neutralise any redness in the skin and even out the tone. This is always in my makeup bag, I love it, and I love the smell even more! It’s hard to believe it’s not chocolate!

Top 5 bronzers
MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – Medium Dark

This product isn’t technically a bronzer, but I used this in the shade for my skintone and loved it, so I bought one a few shades darker to use as a bronzer. It’s actually my most used, and has been most consistent for me. I loved how my skin would look used the lighter one all over. The formula is a slow baked powder with 77 mineral complex that provides a natural, dimensional finish. I find that using this as a bronzer gives me the idea amount of coverage and warmth, it blends into my skin and makeup with such ease. I never have any malfunctions with this, or end up with harsh lines or muddiness that you can get with some bronzing powders.

Sephora Bronzing Powder – Light

This is quite a light warm-toned bronzer, with a sheer consistency. I tend to use this with a large, fluffy blending brush to dust all over my face for natural warmth, almost like a glow from within if you will. I find this shade too light to define and shade the hollows of my face. I love this for more casual, very little makeup days. It gives a beautiful, natural glow to my complexion. Being a sheer consistency I feel it blends into my skin with minimum effort. I think the pattern embossed into the powder is so pretty too.

Benefit Bronzing Powder – Hoola

A cult classic with legions of loyal followers. Benefit Hoola is an iconic bronzer, and I like millions of others love it. It’s like a holiday in a box! This pure matte bronzer gives a beautiful just stepped off the plane natural golden glow. It blends into the skin like a dream. Being quite fair I find this works equally well to contour and really define my features. It’s all in the brush you use. Benefit now also do Hoola Lite so even the fairest of them all can use this gorgeous bronzer! Hoolalujah…. see what I did there..? I’ll get my coat! But all jokes aside, I can’t speak highly enough of this product, if you are looking for a new bronze, look no further.

Milani Fantastic Face & Body Baked Bronzer – Fantastic In Gold

Finally, we have some shimmer! I love a matte finish, but sometimes I just have to grab a big fluffy face brush, delve into this pan of glowing goodness and coat myself in it. Especially during Summer, or on holiday. I use it on my body a lot too, arms, legs, shoulders, you name it, if you can see it, I’ll cover it. This beautiful baked marble bronzer has an infusion of macadamia and jojoba oils to nourish and hydrate the skin, while making you look like a radiant goddess!! Practical, and good for you! What more could we ask for! Coming in at a mere £7.99 this is a steal! You get a mirror and brush included also for a triple whammy from Milani. Hey! Jokes and rhymes in one post! I’m wasted as a blogger!

Bronzer is one of my favourite beauty products, I’d love to know the ones that rock your world! Please leave me a comment sharing your suggestions and thoughts on my selection.

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Top 5 bronzers
Top 5 bronzers

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  1. Some really good ideas here. I’m with you, I don’t really like shimmery bronzer either. I’ve got the Hoola which I had in a set a while back. It’s good for contouringi find. My all time favourite is Bare Minersl Ready bronzer in Skinny Dip. It’s a lovely golden bronze and not too heavy as I’m also pale!!

    Great post lovely.

    Samantha x

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