Top 5 Series: Primers

Welcome to my new Top 5 Series I’m starting on the blog! This is the first post of my new series and it’s going to be my top 5 primers!

I’m going to cover all beauty related and some skincare initially. It makes sense to me to start the series off with the first beauty product you reach for when you do your makeup, primers. So that’s what we’re going with for this post. Posts like this because are a great chance to see what products work well on others and to maybe even introduce you to new products. I really hope you enjoy this post and this new series which I am going to run. It is my intention to share a top 5 series post once a month. I was going to shoot for concealer or foundations next but if you would rather see something else I can share anything at anytime really. Just leave a comment before if you would prefer to see a different top 5 and I’d be more than happy to share that first.

I couldn’t live without primers, my makeup would be sliding off my face by lunch time without one to keep me makeup in place. My current top 5 are:

Guerlain LOr Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold

I have fallen completely in love with the primer. Not only does it look luxurious in packaged in a glass jar complete with gold lid, not to mention the primer itself is infused with 24k gold flakes. A little goes a long way with this so one to two pumps is all you need. Once applied to the skin it almost looks as if it has tightened and brightened my skin while adding luminosity. Could you think of a more perfect base to begin your makeup? Me neither! Such a good investment!

No7 Beautifully Matte

This has been in my makeup bag for years. It was the first primer I ever bought and I’ve never looked back. It’s great for mattifying and it’s holds my makeup in place so well and it applies nicely over top of it. You have to make sure to have it rubbed in properly as I learned once when I hadn’t, I walked around with white streaks on my face! That wasn’t one of my better looks. My skin definitely isn’t as oily as it used to be so I don’t use this as much as I have in the past but it is still a staple primer for me. It’s doesn’t come with a hideous price tag either which is always a plus.

Makeup Forever Skin Equaliser Mattifying Primer 

I discovered this primer about a year and a half ago and it works in a similar way to my No7 primer but the formula is thinner and lighter which I prefer. It smooths nicely over the skin and gives an even layer to apply makeup on top of. It mattifies any oily areas and I find it long lasting under my makeup.


Bare Minerals Skin Rev-er upper

I actually got this in a subscription box and I was so impressed with it. The formula is a light cream which goes onto the skin so nicely and it gives a brightened flawless base to apply makeup. Like the others it is also a long wearing primer on me which I was really pleased with as it doesn’t claim to be for oily skin specifically so for it to keep my makeup in place all day is good going for me.

Nivea Post Shave Balm

Ok, you’ve either heard of this and know why it’s here, or you’re thinking I’m going barmy! Stay with me. This came about because of YouTuber Nikki’s Tutorials accidentally discovering that this makes an amazing primer and base for makeup. It has a really high amount glycerin in the formula which basically is like makeup glue! I kid you not. It holds my makeup on and it does not budge. It doesn’t matter what it is I’m doing that day, my makeup lasts the entire duration with this under. It’s about £5.00 for a big bottle, in terms of primer use it would last forever!

So that rounds up this months first instalment in my top 5 series. I really hope you’ve enjoyed it and discovered some new primers to try. I would love to know which primers you enjoy, leave me a comment letting me know. If you have any particuoat beauty products you would like to see me feature in next months top 5 series let me know.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a good new primer. I’m going to give Guerlain LOr Radiance Concentrate and the Nivea Post Shave Balm a go. Thanks for the ideas 🙂

  2. I love the idea for this series! Loving your recommendations too! I’m very intrigued by the use of the Post Shave Balm! I’d love to see you do one of these for eyeshadow palettes; there’s so many out there!

  3. I actually have that Bare Minerals primer in my stash although I have no idea how it got there! I think I will have to try it now you’ve given it a good review. 🙂

  4. This is a great idea! I really love the sound of the guerlain primer! I have a bareMinerals primer and I really like it. I’m yet to try the Nivea shave balm but I’ve always been so intrigued to see if it works!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  5. Never tried these primers! I have been using a Maybelline “photo focus” primer for years and absolutely love it because it’s so inexpensive but works SO well! I’ll look into these though as well, thanks for sharing!

  6. I love good primers! It’s my first time hearing the idea of post shave balm as a primer but I’d actually love to give it a try! Aha. Thanks for sharing x

  7. I am going to admit that I have never used a primer before in my life hahaha I’m not sure why, I guess I just haven’t experienced much of my makeup going anywhere at times that I think my makeup should stay on (I mean if I’m out doing something crazy like hiking I’m not rocking my made up face). Might be time for me to at least give it a try to see what I’m missing…

    Britt |

  8. I love love love everything about your blog lovely! I love the idea of the top 5s!! I can always trust your views! Can’t wait to see where this series goes!

  9. These were some really good picks! I’ve tried a fair few of these and they’re all really good.

    MY favourites at the minutes are the Benefit Porefessional for my T-zone and L’oreal mattefying primer for everywhere else, it’s like my holy grail combination recently.

    Such a good post, great idea having a top 5!

    Laura xo

  10. There’s so much hype about the Nivea Post Shave balm and yet I still haven’t given it a go. Maybe it’s time to change that…

  11. Great post! I’m currently on the hunt for a new primer as my Smashbox one isn’t quite doing it for me anymore.
    I’ll certainly be joining the Nivea bandwagon next time I visit Boots.

    Would you say these primers possibly suit normal/combo skin?

  12. Great post! I’ve been on the hunt for a new primer because my Smashbox one isn’t doing it for me anymore.
    I’ll be sure to jump on the Nivea bandwagon next time I visit Boots!

  13. This is a really nice collection for all budgets! Thanks for sharing! I keep wanting to try the Nivea Balm but I personally really hate the smell of most ‘for men’ toiletries, so I think it would bother me having it on my skin. My favourite primer is one that I just got last month but has been making a lovely base for my makeup and keeping everything in place. It’s The Ordinary High-Adherence silicone primer, and I would really recommend it, especially as it’s quite inexpensive! I’m looking forward to trying their other primer too when the weather cools off and my skin gets drier.

    Beccah xx

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