Mini Primark Haul

I know what you’re thinking, yes you did read the title correctly. This is a MINI Primark haul. I’m not entirely sure how I managed to walk out of Primark without arm achingly full bags either. It doesn’t happen to me very often let me tell you. I didn’t pay particularly close attention to their clothing selection on this specific visit, more accessories and the pyjama bit. At this time of year I feel like I live in cute pyjamas so my collection seems to increase an awful lot.

Primark’s home department have some amazing little finds in there, its hard to know where to draw the line with what you add to your basket! Our bedroom is mainly grey and white so I felt adding subtle touches of copper and rose gold accents really lift it. I couldn’t believe my luck when I came across the rose golden lantern, naturally I just had to have it, complete with candle.

Staying on the theme of all things rose gold it will come as no surprise that when I also came across the purse, makeup scissors and eyelash curler in that colour, of course they were straight into the basket without a second thought.


A trip to Primark for me at this time of year would not be complete without checking out the cosy autumn/winter essentials and grabbing an oversized scarf to wrap up in and a cute pompom hat or two! They did not disappoint, I grabbed a blush/beige coloured scarf which also has hints of rose gold through it. That is the last item of rose gold anything, promise!! I also grabbed a burgundy and oatmeal knitted hats with cute fur pompomps.

Finally, I picked up a fresh pair of pyjamas and some cute little slippers to go with. Being a huge Harry Potter fan I feel cheated if I don’t own every pair of pyjamas Primark come out with so I had to grab the latest set to add to my collection! New pyjamas is a little bit like getting into bed with freshly washed sheets! One of life’s little luxuries. It is for me at least being the pyjamas junkie I am!!



As Primark is not online I have listed prices by the items, Forgive me if any might be out, some things I took the tags off and I’ve guessed to the best of my knowledge.

  1. Rose gold lantern, £8.00
  2. Grey candle, £2.50
  3. Purse, £4.00
  4. Makeup scissors, £1.00
  5. Eyelash curlers, £1.00
  6. Slippers, £4.00
  7. Scarf, £8.00
  8. Pompom hats, £4.00 each
  9. Harry Potter pyjama top, £7.00
  10. Harry Potter Pyjama bottoms, £8.00
  11. Artificial succulent, £2.50


What have you bought recently?

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  1. Wow! Your photos look beautiful. I’m amazed at how good all this stuff looks. Might have to go back there – havent been in there for years. Good luck with your blog. Helen

  2. Everything is so pretty I love it!! That lantern I need! I never seen that in primark before. I always feel particularly pleased with myself when I don’t buy much in primark!

  3. I love that place! We just got one here recently in the US and I love that they have house stuff. I haven’t bought anything yet but I’m sure a haul is coming soon!

  4. Those slippers look so comfy and cosy! I always end up spending a fortune in primark, but all your bits look lovely! X

  5. The majority of these items are things I would pick up myself! I adore the succulent, pom hat and anything rose gold is a winner!! xo

  6. The purse looks really pretty and the lantern, I want one too. I was actually in Primark the other day, but didnt check out their home section

  7. Omg you’re like me when it comes to Harry Potter! I have god knows how many HP T-shirts and pyjamas from Primark. It’s a shame I haven’t found a Slytherin one yet.

  8. Ahhh everything is so lovely, I love everything you chose and the little touches of rose gold! Primark’s home range is so adorable and affordable – and their PJs are so cute too 😀 xx

    elizabeth ♡

  9. I’m loving all the rose gold! And I couldn’t agree with you more about the pj’s. I really is one of the best feelings, so soft and cosy. I need to make a trip down to Primark soon, I think I’m going to be filling my wardrobe with lots of pjs and chunky knits for Winter.


  10. I love a Primark haul you can always find some amazing bargains. I absolutely love this lantern I’m going late night shopping on thurs I think i’ll need to pick that up along with some Pj’s!


    1. Oh be quick, I haven’t saw it recently in my local one. I hope you find it! I use my iPhone, I have the 6s I believe. Thank you so much for saying that, means so much to me xx

  11. Everything looks so pretty! God, this made me want to live somewhere where’s Primark haha 😀 I miss Primark 😀

    ~ Jasmin N

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