Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

OMG! I finally have a planner! I feel so organised and together! I’m actually so excited to use it throughout 2018 to help me work towards and achieve my goals. I’ve never actually had a planner before, I have used a diary but it’s quite basic in comparison to an actual planner. Before buying I put quite a bit of thought into choosing my planner and I narrowed it down to about 4. The newly launched Three Six Five Planner always had the edge for me so that’s the one I went for in the end, I felt it offered everything I would need and then some. Three Six Five is a newly launched brand and it is the brain child of Tiffany Watson, who you may know from Made in Chelsea. She’s a loud and proud vegan and I love and respect her views and beliefs. Although the planners are now sold out, she has promised us new products are already on the way. I for one can’t wait to see what she gives us next!

A lot of my 2018 goals and plans merged perfectly with this planner it almost felt bespoke. I will link my 2018 goals post here if you’d like to take a look. The first goal outlined in my post is to be more ethical in my choices, the fact that this is made with vegan leather and recycled paper instantly struck a chord with me and it made perfect sense. I really loved the option of personalisation too, I think it’s a great touch and I knew I had to have my initials embossed onto my planner. There are many options available to do this, as I chose the grey planner I thought rose gold would compliment it beautifully.

On the first page there is a personal message from Tiffany to introduce her brand and explain a little more about it and why she created it. You have a section within the planner to record your personal information should you ever misplace it, hopefully this will help it find its way back to you. There is a page dedicated to listing new years resolutions and goals to work toward over the coming year. Turning over and spread across two pages is what has been called a “Mindfulness Map” which shows a map of the world, you can list your 2018 holidays on one side, and on the other your dream destinations. On the next double-sided page Tiffany has detailed some of her favourite vegan restaurants she has visited around the world, there is also a section to record your own favourites too. Finally before you get to the weekly view pages you have a double-sided calendar of 2018 with bank holidays marked for reference.

Another of my main goals for the year is to make a healthier lifestyle for myself and incorporate better self-care by way of taking up yoga and meditation again. It is so perfectly fitting that this planner has a page dedicated to some yoga poses and information about each one. There is also a section entitled A Five minute Meditation, followed by 5 tips on relaxation. These pages are quite near the front so therefore act as a great reminder to make sure that I actually take time out to practice both yoga and meditation. I really love that those sections have been included, they work so closely with my own goals.

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

As mention I chose the grey colour of the two shades available, for my design I went for the one bearing the message “Dream Big, Work Hard & Make It Happen” on the front, and on the spine the words two thousand eighteen. My initials have been embossed on the front of the planner to the bottom right. On the reverse is the company logo. The planner is set out with a week to week view, on each week view page there are a further four sections which are entitled work to do, personal to do, weekly goals and notes. Each day has three symbols to the bottom right, an apple to account for the fruit and veg you eat in a day, a heart to account for any fitness activities you do and a water drop to account for the recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

I love to make lists, I love to plan things in ahead to keep me on track and focused and I think adding the three symbols for fruit and veg, exercise and water intake are great way to help with my overall plan to adjust to and maintain a healthier lifestyle. At the end of every month there is a page to record your goals for the upcoming month, and a section to write down the things you are grateful for from the past month, again I really love this as it encourages progress, achievements and gratitude. On the opposite side to that page there are motivational quotes throughout the planner which I think is a great touch.

Once you reach the end of the planner you are greeted by a page to detail your 2018 achievements, and another to list your goals for 2019. The pages after that are left blank for your own thoughts, they have been entitled top contacts, wishlist and random thoughts. On the very back of the planner there is a pocket to store receipts perhaps or small mementoes you might acquire that you would like to keep with you.

My overall thoughts on the planner are that I 100% picked the right one for me, I absolutely love it! The message on the front is so motivating and you see it every single time you use the planner which acts as a positive reminder to keep pushing. The rose gold initials really set it off, I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I have already noticed a difference in my water and fruit and veg in-take because I don’t want to write 0 in the section to record how I’ve done that day. The planner is A5 size so it tucks nicely inside a handbag and is small enough to keep with you wherever the year takes you. I can’t wait to see how my goals and plans work out now I have the help of this little beauty.

Stay tuned to Three Six Five to see what 2018 holds for us.

Do you use a planner to help you organise your year? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

Three Six Five Vegan Planner 2018

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  1. Hi, I have just bought a journal to help with blogging schedule when I am not online. I love yours the colour is lovely as is the design and tips just a little jealous.

  2. This plan is absolutely beautiful, you have shown it off in such a stunning way in your photos, those petals are just lovely! It is wonderful that the plan is personalised with your initials as well, it’s a really nice touch! I absolutely love the vegan elements such as the list of Tiffany’s favourite restaurants as well, I am so tempted to pick up this planner now as I don’t yet have one sorted for 2018!

    Abbey x

  3. Wow!! What an absolutely gorgeous planner! 💖 I love how it’s got a page dedicated to yoga poses and the map of the world is awesome! I always feel slightly more organised if I own a pretty planner! Lovely post, thank you for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |

  4. First of all, such an amazing looking planner, very visually pleasing!

    Second, i totally understand what you mean about wanting to be more ethical in your choices. I’ve been feeling the same way and been looking into ways to do so, today i stopped my bank from sending me paper statements… it’s a start!

    I need to get myself a planner so i can organise my blog!

  5. I’m a big list maker too so notebooks and diaries are definitely needed in my life! I bought myself a 2018 planner recently to organise my blog content and it’s really helped so far and its still only January!

    I love your planner and let us know how you goals go throughout the year 🙂

  6. Your planner looks so pretty! Definitely can’t do anything or organise anything without writing down everything I have to do x

  7. Great post! I don’t really buy planners as I make my own but I’ve always wanted to launch my own line of planners so it’s interesting to see what people like and how the use them.

    Good effort on this description/review too, you made it sound like a pretty amazing planner & perfect for everyone!

    Sil x

  8. This planner looks amazing! I’ve been looking around for a new one for this year, and I think you’ve just helped me choose one. I love your blog btw xx

  9. This planner is beautiful! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a vegan planner. I already have mine for the semester, but I’m thinking into looking into something more than a simple calendar-type one.


  10. This planner is gorgeous! I have used a Day Designer brand planner for the last few years and I’m totally obsessed, but I love that this planner is made with recycled paper and vegan leather AND that it’s beautiful! Is it totally unethical to buy another planner?? I only have 6 months left with my current planner so it might be a bit of a waste to bug a new one, but I just love this one!!

  11. I can’t take my eyes off of it! How stunning is that planner?! I must have it. I like that it’s small enough to fit in a handbag and carry around, I always have to get one that I can take with me. I haven’t got mine for this year yet so definitely looking into this one.

    Jordanne ||

  12. Ooh I love a good planner to. Nothing beats a bit of pretty organisational stationary. I’m getting back into yoga to and it feels soooo good xx

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